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Limassol Wine Festival

Your Cyprus Holiday – Events Throughout the Year

Cyprus has plenty going on throughout the year, providing attractions and excitement for both locals and tourists. The Cyprus weather means that many of the island’s events are based outdoors, which is great news if you want to enjoy the sunshine during your Cyprus holiday. Here are some of the main events and festivals you will find across the year; maybe you can incorporate one or more into your Cyprus holiday itinerary – either as a spectator or participant!

Even in this winter month, the Cyprus weather can still offer temperatures of around 17⁰C and an average of up to 5 hours of sunshine per day. If you’re taking a holiday in Cyprus during the first quarter of the year, watch out for Musical Sundays – hosted across a variety of venues, you can enjoy a selection of traditional, contemporary and classical song and dance every Sunday; running until April, these events will provide some great photo memories of your Cyprus holiday. January also sees the New Year International Regatta for sailing lovers and Epiphany Celebrations on the 6th involve a blessing of the waters followed by the throwing of the Holy Cross into the ocean – which is quickly followed by an army of men diving in to try and recover it.

The Cyprus weather in February offers similar temperatures but a little more sunshine than the previous month. February sees Limassol and Paphos hold their bright and vibrant carnivals as well as the start of the Cyprus Sunshine Cup international mountain biking event. Depending on how the calendar falls, February or March also marks Green Monday – this public holiday signifies the start of Lent and the countryside will be full of locals enjoying picnics and flying kites. If you’re on your Cyprus holiday during this time, why not join in and take your own picnic?

March is a busy month in Cyprus and the temperatures start to boost – if you’re on holiday in Cyprus at this time of the year, expect the Cyprus weather to warm you to a lovely 23⁰C or so. You can fill your Cyprus holiday itinerary with plenty of things in March; enjoy the 3 day Dance Platform festival, the Spring Historic Car Rally, take a run up to the Cyprus Marathon or check out the designer labels at Fashion Week. There’s also a 5 day Documentary Film Festival if you fancy taking in an interesting film while on your holidays.

The Cyprus weather takes a slight downturn temperature-wise in April, but the sunshine hours are slightly higher – so if you don’t like it too hot, but you do like the sun, then this is the perfect month for you to visit the island. It’s also the ideal month if you like chamber music, as April plays host to both the Berengaria International Music Festival and the Ledra Music Soloists International Festival. April also sees the locals come alive while celebrating Easter and the Cyprus Amateur Open runs from late April and into May for the golf lovers.

The Cyprus weather heads into the heat from May, with average temperatures around 25⁰C or so. The beautiful Anthestiria Flower Festival and its stunning parade take place in May – the parade passes right by the Londa Beach Hotel. The Aphrodite Classic Car Rally also takes place and running into June, May kicks off both the European Dance Festival and the Pharos International Chamber Music Festival.

With the weather hitting 30⁰C and days packed with sunshine, a sunny Cyprus holiday just before the kids break up for school could be just what the doctor ordered. June sees the fantastic Shakespeare Festival take place at the ancient Kourion Amphitheatre and the Festival of the Flood Pentecostal celebrations – which involves swimming events, boat racing and fun waterfights!

If you’re looking for great weather, Cyprus has it in abundance during July – with an average temperature of over 30⁰C and days full of sunshine, you’ll be heading home from your Cyprus holiday with a great tan! Why not go and watch one of the outdoor concerts at the Larnaka Summer Festival, enjoy some world music at the Ethnic Festival or a variety of music at the International Music Festival? There’s also the weekend dance extravaganza of The Great Ballet Companies, the Commandaria Festival (celebrating the dessert wine) or the Summer Dance Festival that runs into August and sees dance performances being held in a wide variety of public spaces.

The Cyprus weather reaches its peak in August, climbing up towards the 35⁰C mark – perfect for your summer Cyprus holiday! The Lemesos International Documentary Festival and the Paphos Aphrodite Festival are 2 of the main events for your August holiday in Cyprus, but don’t forget the 12 day Wine Festival that has been running since 1961 – you won’t just get to taste great wine, you’ll also see traditional dance, live music and theatrical performances.

The Cyprus weather starts to wane from September, but it’s still around 30⁰C! If you’re taking your holiday to Cyprus at this time of the year, look out for cultural spectacular of the multi-art Kypria festival, one of the most important events in the Cypriot calendar. There’s also the Ayia Napa Festival and the Urban Soul Festival – a one day event featuring designers, artists and sculptors showing their art, accompanied by a fusion of different musical sounds.

Temperatures drop below the 30s in October, so if you want an autumn holiday, Cyprus offers good weather and lots of sunshine at this time of the year. If you’re on holiday in Cyprus on the first day of the month, expect to see Independence Day Celebrations all over the island. October is also the month of Lemisia, a fantastic sporting event that runs over 10 days and sees international athletes compete in events such as shooting, gymnastics, karate, boxing and cycling. Cyprus Fashion Week makes a second appearance during this month.

If you’re looking for a winter sun holiday, Cyprus can still claim temperatures in the 20s at this time of year. Running through from November until March, regular dance and music performances are held for the Ayia Napa/Paralimni Cultural Winter and European Cultural Winter events. The beautiful marathon route of the Cyprus International 4 Day Challenge is also run and the Forest Park Rally featuring classic cars takes place.

The weather is still warm and the sun is still shining in Cyprus during December. You could take a Christmas holiday in Cyprus or enjoy the music and firework displays that see in the New Year across the island.

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