Easter at the Londa

Easter holiday fun at the Londa Beach Hotel, Cyprus

Here at the Londa Beach Hotel in Cyprus, we really do love to celebrate special occasions and Easter this year was no exception. The locals take Easter very seriously, with family events, religious mass and lots of eating and drinking! Easter is a time of rebirth and new beginnings and people gather together to remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.
We find that many of our guests enjoying their holidays in Cyprus want to get involved with local traditions and really immerse themselves in Cypriot festivities. In recognition of this, the Londa Beach Hotel always makes a special effort to make sure that our visitors can join in the celebrations and get a real taste of our culture while on their Cyprus holidays.

Enjoying a Cyprus holiday at Easter time

If you’re thinking of taking a holiday in Cyprus around Easter time, here’s how we helped our guests to enjoy this important religious festival at the Londa Beach Hotel. We hold similar events every year, so here’s a taste of what you can experience if you join us for an Easter Cyprus holiday in the future.

We held a post-Holy Mass breakfast on the Saturday night/Sunday morning – we had lots of attendees and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. We also had a fully sold-out restaurant for our Easter lunch buffet; we served guests with the traditional Cypriot dish of souvla. This is a well-loved local dish particularly favoured for the Easter holidays – pork and lamb are cut into generous portions and placed on kebab skewers. The meat is then cooked over a charcoal BBQ and brushed with oil and herbs – it is cooked for a long time, so that the meat is tender and juicy – delicious!
Many of our guests enjoying their Cyprus holidays this Easter wanted to take part in the Greek Orthodox Easter mass. We gave all of our guests a candle as an Easter gift and invited them to take part in the Saturday night service. Many attended, bringing their candles along for the final celebrations; at midnight, the church lights were switched off and the priest lit a candle from the Eternal Flame at the altar – this candle was then passed to the congregation so they could light their own candles and offer their own to enable others to light theirs. This set off a chain reaction and hotel guests were dazzled and stunned by the beautiful site of the church rapidly filling with lots of individual candles burning brightly. It was a lovely evening, with locals and hotel guests stood side by side, sharing in this age-old Cypriot tradition.
We had a great time this Easter and feel sure that all of our visitors enjoying their Cyprus holiday with us also had a fantastic time. We can’t wait till next year, when we hope to put on even more activities and events to help everybody, tourists and locals alike, to join in and celebrate together. If you think you might like to join us for an Easter Cyprus holiday, contact the Londa Beach Hotel now to find out more about our rooms, facilities and our beautiful location in Limassol.

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