Boutique hotels in Cyprus – accommodation for Easter

Boutique hotels in Cyprus – accommodation for Easter

The island’s top boutique hotels make the perfect destination to enjoy what is possibly the most celebrated Cyprus holiday of all – Easter. Easter is the busiest Cyprus holiday on the Orthodox church calendar, and always falls on the first Sunday after the spring equinox full moon – but those of you who have chosen boutique hotels as your stunning accommodation for an Easter Cyprus holiday, don’t worry if you’re not very religious; Easter is traditionally a time of fresh starts and all things new, with new clothes and shoes being an absolute must – a great excuse to head out to the fine shops of Limassol and treat yourself to a little holiday shopping spree!

By choosing one of the finest boutique hotels in Limassol (the Londa Beach Hotel of course!), you will be perfectly placed to witness the many traditional preparations that the Cypriots immerse themselves in. Because our stunning boutique hotel is situated by the sea, you will notice coffee shops full of local fisherman, weaving beautiful ‘vaynes’, flower holders made from palm leaves, which are then sold to children for them to fill with pretty floral displays. These are then used for the Palm Sunday processions – a colourful parade which fills the air with a gorgeous scent.

Easter Cyprus holidays – try some tasty traditional treats!

If you travel to our island for the Easter Cyprus holiday, you will also be able to sample some of the delicious baked goods that are produced for the celebration. Choose from traditional cheese cakes known as ‘flaounes’, ‘koulouria’, or cheese and sesame seed loaves called ‘tyropittes’ – tasty treats that are all exclusive to the island.

Another visual delight you may have the chance to experience during your Cyprus holidays over Easter are the many fireworks that are set off as the ‘Epitafios’, or Holy Sepulchre, is carried around the streets on the evening of Good Friday – when Cypriots celebrate, they really do it in dazzling style! One of our favourite Easter traditions is the gathering of families and friends in church yards and parks; piles of food and drink are brought and shared, and everyone joins in with games, Cypriot dancing and the general merriment of celebration.

Book your boutique hotels now for a last minute Easter holiday to Cyprus!

So this year’s Easter Cyprus holidays are nearly upon us, but it’s not too late to book your boutique hotels and secure a gorgeous room for your spring break. As one of the top boutique hotels in Cyprus, holidays at the Londa Beach Hotel guarantee relaxation, luxury and the chance to take part in the wonderful Easter celebrations – contact us now to book your room!

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