Cyprus – history around every corner

Cyprus – history around every corner

When you visit our Mediterranean island and our fabulous boutique hotel for your holidays, Cyprus and its colourful history will truly amaze you. An archaeologist’s delight, there are ancient ruins and echoes of past settlers all over the island and our beautiful city of Limassol is no exception.

Ancient travellers were attracted to the island by its rich copper sources and its location between some of the main ocean trading routes. It seems like nearly everybody, from the Persians to the Romans, have made Cyprus their home at some time over the centuries – and who can blame them?!
Fertile land, mountains and beautiful coastline and wonderful weather make it an ideal place for providing for a community and enjoying a wonderful social life too – and this is as true today as it has been throughout Cyprus’ history.

A brief history of Cyprus

For those planning a visit to Cyprus, its history goes something like this…

Remnants have been found as evidence of life in Cyprus from as far back as 8000 BC, showing us to be a prehistoric destination! In the Bronze Age, trading with Syria and Egypt took place, and the Cypro-Minoan script was developed, which remains undeciphered to this day – who knows what secrets it will reveal?

The island found itself in isolation during the Iron Age (1050 – 750 BC) and then, following a short time under control of the Assyrians, it entered into a period of independence – something that didn’t occur again until the 1900s.

Plunged into the war between Persia and Greece between 475 and 325 BC, Cyprus goes on to find a prosperous and settled time under Egyptian rule, followed by periods of Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Venetian Ottoman and British occupation. This constant changing of cultural influences is very much the reason for the island being such a varied and colourful place.

Evidence of Cyprus’ history

While joining us on your holidays, Cyprus will present a multitude of opportunities to witness the lasting evidence of these different periods in its history. From stunning churches to ruins and relics, you can soon fill up your holiday itinerary with exploring the various architectural leftovers of many a bygone age.

If you want to see all the history the easy way, there are plenty of guided tours available for a very reasonable price which will transport you around the island and back into its various historical periods. The Londa Beach Hotel offers the ideal place to seek rest and respite after a busy day of Cyprus history hunting, so feel free to get in touch and book a room with us now!

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