Exploring Cyprus – a look into the past, Kourion

Exploring Cyprus – a look into the past

Glorious beaches, local tavernas, boutique hotels and bustling markets are many of the attractions for holidaymakers visiting any of the main city destinations in Cyprus. However, for those centring their holidays around the coastal city of Limassol, it’s the perfect opportunity to shun the modern day madness maybe just for a little while and step back in time to ancient days when Romans ruled the land.

As you would expect from a stay in any luxury hotel, in Cyprus, in particular, our very own Londa Hotel of course, you’ll be able to take advantage of the famous Cypriot hospitality and ask the staff to help you organise the essential tourist day trip to Kourion. Founded in the 12th century BC, this ancient Roman settlement has a myriad of different places to explore that will satisfy even the hardest to please history hunter.

The wonders of an historical city

The ruins and sites of the town are situated at the top of the coastal cliffs, offering incredible vistas out over the Mediterranean Sea – and while initially settled by Greek conquerors, this is just the beginning of the story. Eventually, the Romans came to Cyprus and this prime location was chosen as one of many settlements – the people soon set to work, creating incredible buildings such as temples and villas in the style so specific to this extraordinary and inventive race of people.

Although there is plenty to see here, the ancient amphitheatre is probably the most recorded image that you see when researching the site on the Internet. Thankfully, visitors now have the chance to watch live events here once more – well worth booking a ticket for the current theatrical or musical performance at the time of your stay.

Something for the art lover too

As well as the amphitheatre, Kourion is also famous for its beautiful mosaics – the most famous of which can be found in the House of Eustolios, a public recreation centre that was originally a sumptuous villa for one of the city’s wealthy inhabitants. Incredibly, these ancient examples of artwork have been preserved so well that they almost look as if they’ve only recently been placed here.

Those with an engineering mind may be interested in visiting the bath house, which plays host to a fine example of an under floor heating system which is much less primitive than you would imagine. Two more houses are also well known for their mosaic floors and internal decoration – those of the Gladiators and Achilles. You should also make sure you visit the Temple of Apollo – though if you are a real follower of history, make sure you don’t touch its altar as the punishment was being thrown into the sea from on top of the cliffs! You can also wander around the old marketplace, visit the ancient stadium and marvel at the incredibly decorated pieces of stonework that scatter the entire area – so don’t forget, as a guest of the Londa Hotel we will be delighted to help you in any way we can to make your stay as memorable and interesting as possible.
So… take the chance to step back into history but don’t worry we will be here on your return to pamper to your every need in true Cypriot style!

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