Celebrate Easter in Style at Londa

Time to celebrate Easter in style or just relax with a spring break at Londa

When we think of Easter, what springs to mind – bunnies, chicks, eggs, chocolate? Yes, definitely chocolate! In fact, all the things that make us feel happy. At Londa, we want to give that feel-good factor to all our guests. So we have come up with 2 Easter packages that not only pay respect to the religious celebrations but that will also bring a smile to your face.

Did you know that Greek Orthodox Easter and the so-called ‘Catholic’ Easter only share the same date every 5 years? This year 2014, the dates are simultaneous, which means that the island of Cyprus will be celebrating Easter along with the rest of western Christianity.

Whether you choose to treat Easter as a religious event or as a chance to get away for a spring break, we have 2 Londa packages to suit, with ‘rebirth, renewal and refresh’ as the main theme.
Booking the Greek Orthodox package allows you see the culture of the church and join Cypriots in the most important time of their religious calendar. You not only get the luxury of Londa hospitality but on Easter Saturday night, you can pop up the road to the lovely church of Profiti Ilias for midnight Mass, light your candle from neighbours, break red-dyed eggs and arrive back at Londa for the special after Mass breakfast. Even if you are not Orthodox, the service is easy to follow and you will be made extremely welcome.

For a spring break, Londa provides the perfect getaway. Perhaps it’s been nearly six months since your Christmas holiday and it’s definitely time to unwind. Hence we are including Elemis massages and treatments at the Spa in our second Londa Easter package. Afternoon tea and Easter Sunday lunch are served at our signature Caprice Restaurant and we guarantee you the most relaxed spring break you could ever hope for. Add to these treats the chance to see Cyprus with its glorious array of spring flowers in bloom, to sit in the sun and swim in the warm Mediterranean waters right next to the Londa Hotel. Are you tempted? Well, who wouldn’t be? Contact us to book soon and we look forward to spoiling you. Oh and chocolate will be served, we promise!

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