Londa Spa – making the difference

Beyond the pampering

With Spas popping up in even the smallest hotels nowadays, we have to offer something different to gain your confidence and custom. At Londa Spa the difference is exceptional.
The therapists, and yes they are therapists rather than masseurs, are highly trained in a very specific therapeutic treatment that bonds the forces of two highly effective techniques: Tuina massage, a Chinese acupressure actually used in modern-day hospitals, and Swedish massage.
From these come an emergence of methods that releases muscle tension and gives new energy; the kind of energy that heightens concentration levels, helps sleeping patterns, and promotes hormones like endorphins and the immune system. It’s called the Organic Therapeutic Massage and it just so happens to be Londa’s most popular treatment.

More than a massage

With all this talk of well-being and health, which is a concept that runs through the heart of Londa, we must also let you know about what else, and who else, is available at the Spa.
You expect to come for a nice facial at a spa but did you know that at Londa we also have an osteopath and acupuncturist to come in on request? So if you’ve had a long flight and need attention on certain muscles, or if you don’t want to miss your regular osteopath session or if you even want to try these treatments for the first time, you can do so in the safety and comfort of the Londa Spa. Have a chat with our Spa reception and book a treatment.

It’s a first at Londa

We also now have Yoga for the first time at Londa. And this really is the most wonderful Yoga environment; out on the breakwater surrounded by the stir of the Mediterranean Sea and with a breeze off the water. At sunrise and sunset our Yoga teacher, Danielle Bailey who is certified by the Yoga Alliance and British School of Yoga with many years’ experience, will take you through a beautiful meditation and Yoga exercise that will calm the body and ease out the wrinkles of your soul.

P.S. – Don’t forget that if you are guest in the hotel you are welcome to the Spa relaxation area and gym at any time…and if you are a visitor booking a treatment at the Spa, you receive a day pass to these facilities.
We like to think we make a difference at Londa Spa and we would like to thank our guests who confirm our passion for well-being through their feedback on tripadvisor when they say: “I had the best relaxing massage experience ever..”
Contact the Spa for treatments and Yoga or to book our osteopath or acupuncturist: +357 25 865 561 or email spa@londahotel.com

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