Cyprus Weddings

Weddings abroad are some of the most popular and most special of all weddings. Besides being the biggest day of your life, it’s an opportunity to meet with family and friends in some of the most gorgeous settings and to make it all the more memorable. If you’re looking for Cyprus weddings, then you need accommodation that meet those high standards without adding even more hassle to the preparations. The Londa Beach Hotel has been helping couples tie the knot in bliss for decades. Let us help you do the same.

The magic of Cyprus weddings

Cyprus weddings offer you the chance to take your big day and make it even more magical with the view of gorgeous beaches, fantastic weather, and an intimate setting perfect for family reunions and romantic retreats. Londa Hotel offers wedding packages abroad that can take care of every detail for you, ensuring that everything is ready for that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What Londa offers

An award-winning bespoke hotel, Londa has been helping couples organise weddings abroad for decades. Besides a location to celebrate, we offer highly professional wedding planners to help you go through every detail so that the lead-up to the big day is as stress-free as the beaches themselves. From getting a wedding license to choosing the right photographer and flowers, we help you organise every detail. Londa specialises in smaller, more luxurious weddings, catering to more intimate crowds and those couples with an eye for details that want to get everything just right.

cyprus weddings

The big day

When buying wedding packages abroad, it’s important to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting. Londa Hotel has a full-day package that can help you ensure every part of the big day is fully organised and prepared in advance. This includes a full breakfast spa day in the morning, helping you look your very best and be as relaxed as possible for the ceremony. The ceremony itself can take place in a variety of ways, whether it’s a civil service in Limassol then back to the hotel for the celebrations, or gorgeous, romantic sunset wedding on a beach by the Mediterranean Sea. We take care of the reception too, catering and preparing for weddings of up to 150 guests with the hospitality that has won the Londa the World Travel Award for Cyprus’s best boutique.

Making it yours

Cyprus weddings are best enjoyed in view of the beaches, where the sunset can illuminate the most intimate and heartfelt of moments in your life by the very sands that the mythic Aphrodite herself is said to have been born on. Famous as it is, if you want something different from the beach sunset wedding, or you have any particular queries or changes you like to make, we are dedicated to working with you. It’s your wedding, you always have full control, and Londa has accommodated all kinds of tastes in the past. Don’t hesitate to share any suggestions or changes.