Holidays in Cyprus: 5 things to do in and around Limassol

5 things to do in and around Limassol

Holidays in Cyprus: 5 things to do in and around Limassol

If you’re taking your holidays in Cyprus this year, you can be certain that there is plenty on offer to ensure that you’ll have a great time! Cyprus is a fairly small island, so if you want to hire a car or take advantage of public transport, you can get out and about to every part of the island during your Cyprus holiday. Here we’ve compiled a brief guide to some ‘must-dos’ in and around Limassol, but there are loads more day trips and places to explore if you’re heading to a different area for your holidays in Cyprus.

Take in the Troodos Mountains during your holidays in Cyprus

One of the most spectacular sites that Cyprus offers is the stunning Troodos Mountain range, to the north of Limassol. Home to Mount Olympus, this area is pure paradise for trekkers and mountain bikers, or can simply be enjoyed as a beautiful backdrop while you soak up the glorious Cyprus weather and sup on a cocktail. The Troodos region is also the perfect place to get a taste of the slow-paced traditional lifestyle, with local families still farming the land and creating handmade crafts for you to purchase as souvenirs of your holiday in Cyprus.

Visit Limassol and Kolossi Castle while on your Cyprus holiday

If you like a bit of history then you’ll love Limassol Castle and Kolossi Castle. Both built in the medieval period, Limassol Castle can be found near the harbour and is also home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Kolossi Castle is thought to be slightly older than Limassol and is situated in the village of the same name to the west of Limassol town. It is a wonderful piece of architecture that will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the Middle Ages.

Limassol Sculpture Park

If you want to enjoy a day of art while enjoying the Cyprus weather, make sure that a trip to Limassol Sculpture Park features on your Cyprus holiday itinerary. You’ll find it near the old port right beside the water and it consists of a variety of sculptures provided by both local and international artists.

Take a look at the local Limassol museums

We’ve already mentioned the Medieval Museum, located in Limassol Castle, but while on your holidays in Cyprus, also try to call in to the Folk Art Museum which displays traditional art, tools, costume and handicrafts. You could also visit the Limassol District Archaeological Museum where you will find fascinating examples of archaeological finds from the local area dating as far back as the Neolithic period.

Visit Kourion Amphitheatre for a taste of Cypriot history

Dating back to approximately the 2nd Century BC, this Greco-Roman semi-circular theatre is home to some stunning mosaics, created in the 5th Century. Sat on the top of a cliff above Kourion beach, you can enjoy some incredible views of the area from here as well as feeling like you’ve been sent back in time! The amphitheatre is still in use for cultural events and is used as one of the host sites for the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama.

As you can see, Limassol has lots to offer to keep you busy during your holidays in Cyprus – whether you’re a solo traveller or holidaying with your partner, friends or family. Other things to look out for during your stay in Limassol include the fabulous beach side hotels which often open their doors to day-tourists wanting to sample their facilities. The multi award-winning Londa Beach Hotel in Limassol has a luxury spa if you want to enjoy some pampering after a busy day’s sightseeing and you could even finish off your day with a meal in its premium quality Caprice Restaurant.

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