An introduction to the most beautiful Mediterranean Island

Cyprus facts

With a never-ending enthusiasm for our beautiful Mediterranean Island, here at the Londa Beach Hotel we love to share interesting information about our location with visitors to our website. Whether you’re planning to visit for your holidays or you’re a regular traveller to Cyprus, our facts will show you another dimension and perspective to this glorious country.

A few interesting things about our island

Cyprus is well known for being the playground of the gods, especially due to the alleged rising of Aphrodite from its surrounding waters. However, that’s not the only thing that has risen from the sea – because the island itself did just that! Cyprus is classed as an ophiolite, forming from when a section of the earth’s oceanic crust was thrust upwards and exposed above the waters. Dated at approximately 20,000,000 years old, it was first inhabited by people around 10,000 years ago.

Cyprus’ natural copper reserves once made it the wealthiest country in the world, and it’s also rich in other things too, such as flora and fauna. With approximately 2000 species of blossoming plants, Cyprus also boasts 20 varieties of the rarest orchids and 140 flowering plants which are completely unique to the island. Our beautiful and verdant land is also a popular grape growing region for producing some marvellous wines – here you can find the sweet red wine known as Commandaria which is believed to be the most ancient wine still in production today.
If you’re staying at the Londa Beach Hotel because you love being close to the sea, then you’re in for a real treat. With 260 different varieties of fish to try and spot while scuba diving or snorkelling, you may also be lucky enough to espy green or loggerhead turtles – because the beautiful, clean beaches of Cyprus are one of the only places where they feel safe enough to lay their eggs.
Another interesting Cyprus fact is its unusual claim to fame for being the only location outside of the UK to host a wedding for British royals; King Richard the Lionheart, the great crusader, wed his sweetheart Berengaria of Navarre at Limassol Castle, not far from our beach hotel, in 1191.

More than just sunshine!

So as you can see, with so many fascinating facts, Cyprus is so much more than just sunshine – and the Londa Beach Hotel is the perfect place to select as your luxurious home from home and explore the many wonderful things that this little patch of paradise can offer!

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