Winter holidays in Cyprus

Winter holidays in Cyprus

Over 2 million people visit our gorgeous island every year, and while many of these choose the glorious summer months for their holidays, many are also opting for winter holidays in Cyprus too.

We know it’s still the summer at the moment, but it’s inevitable that as the nights draw in and the colder weather starts to arrive, thoughts will start to turn to winter escapes and the chance to soak up some rays instead of getting soaked by the rain! The beauty of winter holidays in Cyprus is that it’s a much more accessible and convenient location than many of the alternatives. In fact, because it’s a European destination, it’s not only a fairly short flight for many visitors, but it’s also a lot lighter on the pocket than some of the more exotic destinations that promise winter sun.

Christmas in Cyprus

Winter holidays in Cyprus aren’t just a welcome rest from the grey skies, but they really can offer the chance to top up that tan! Even in November, temperatures can reach into the mid 20s and even the sea is still retaining some of its summer warmth if you want to try out some of the water sports on offer.

Of course, being out of the peak season, you’ll find the best deals in the winter, and here at the Londa Beach Hotel, we’ll be more than happy to welcome you at Christmas if you want to experience another culture’s traditional celebrations. We do Christmas in style here in Cyprus, and food plays an important role. You may be pleased to hear that we indulge in the worldwide favourite of stuffed turkey, but the Cypriots also serve up roast lamb and chicken, accompanied by Christopsomo, or Christ Bread, along with honey, nuts and dried figs – and plenty of the locally produced wines!

The 12 days of Christmas in Cyprus bring tales of naughty spirits called kallikantzari, and the locals hang basil wrapped crosses on their doors to keep them at bay, adding a sprinkle of holy water for extra protection. Winter holidays in Cyprus that fall over the festive period will also give you the opportunity to join in with local kalanda (carol) processions – and if you really want to do Christmas Cyprus-style, hold off from exchanging your presents until New Year’s Day!

Enjoy winter at the Londa

Whether you’re looking for a chance to escape the cold, a winter suntan to give you a boost, or a Christmas break in a new environment, join us for your winter holidays in Cyprus. The staff here at the Londa Beach Hotel will always give you the warmest of welcomes, and we promise that the sun will have his hat on too – so book your winter holidays in Cyprus now, and give yourself something to look forward to.

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