Booking holiday accomodation in Cyprus

Booking your holiday accommodation – finding the right place for your needs

People travel to Limassol for a variety of reasons, both business and pleasure, and the type of place you choose to stay in will often depend on the purpose of your visit. Before you book your accommodation, you need to think about the kind of facilities you will want access to, your budget and any plans you have for the duration of your stay.

If the purpose of your visit is predominantly business, then you may want to create a good impression with your associates – in which case, you may opt for one of the top luxury hotels in Cyprus to demonstrate both your good taste and financial standing. Additionally, if you’re planning on hosting a meeting or holding a larger event, you’ll need to make sure that your hotel has adequate conference facilities and the associated extras that should come hand in hand, such as fast and reliable Internet connection, bespoke catering options and enough good quality rooms for any guests that need to stay overnight.

Internet access is fast becoming a deciding factor for many other travellers too, not just those visiting on business. With mobile technology becoming so commonplace, solo travellers, couples and those with kids in tow also appreciate being able to check emails, converse with friends on social media platforms and access the never ending supply of information available via smartphones and tablets. This connectivity also allows tourists to plan their itineraries and check on things to do in the area too, which is great if you want to plan your day over breakfast, or according to the day’s weather forecast!

Beach life and cultural adventures

For some holidaymakers, close proximity to the beach is essential, in which case  you’ll want to find a beach hotel or somewhere that puts you within easy reach of the sea. Whether this is for romantic sunset strolls, water sports or fun and games with the kids is up to you, but you’ll want to find a hotel that makes it easy to get to the shoreline and back.

If you’re looking for culture or the trappings of city centre living on your break in Cyprus then you’ll need somewhere that puts you close to the main tourist spots and the shops, restaurants and bars. There are plenty of hotels in Limassol that are situated in the central district, so you should easily be able to find a place to suit.

The Londa Beach Hotel suits most travellers

Of course, if you’re looking for luxury hotels in Limassol that fulfil any or all of the above requirements, you can satisfy your needs by choosing the Londa Beach Hotel. Yes, that’s right, we really do offer all of these benefits – and many more besides. Our beautiful decor and well equipped rooms will ensure a comfortable stay and our staff can help to point you in the direction of whatever it is that you want to do while you’re here.

So for one of the best luxury hotels in Cyprus, and the most stunning of hotels in Limassol, you can’t go wrong with the Londa!

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