Ideas for your holiday in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus aren’t just about the sunshine!

We’re often found singing the praises of holidays in Cyprus and it’s only natural to assume that we may be slightly biased – but with so many obvious attractions as well as hidden gems, Cyprus holidays have found themselves at the top of many tourists’ wish-lists.
When people think about holidays in Cyprus, it conjures up images of blue seas, blue skies, sunshine and vineyards or olive groves stretching for miles. People also associate Cyprus with romance and history, and rightly so too. However, there are many other ways to pass the time during your visit to Cyprus which will give you an alternative perspective and plenty of more unusual memories to take home with you.

Unusual ideas for your Cyprus holiday

For a bird’s eye view of Cyprus, you can look into taking a hot air balloon flight over the Paphos area; rising with the sun, you’ll be able to see much more of Cyprus in a few hours then you might otherwise get to see over the course of several days! This could also provide the perfect setting for a romantic Cypriot proposal if you’re seeking a really spectacular idea for winning over your loved one. A buggy safari is another great idea if you want something fun and exciting to do while on the island – or for a more sedate experience, you can enjoy a spot of fresh water or sea fishing, perhaps even catching your own dinner for the evening if you’re lucky!

Golf and water sports are very popular on the island, but how about taking one of the beautifully devised nature trails or mountain bike routes, so that you can venture further into the rural areas – and perhaps even spot some of the indigenous bird and animal species? Cyprus can really put stars in your eyes too – with clear nights and a lack of pollution, amateur or even professional astronomers can gaze out into the velvety sky and check out the many thousands of stars that come out to twinkle into the early hours.

Rare sights and common culture

Cyprus is also home to a salt lake which provides a popular feeding spot for flamingos during the winter months – or you can enjoy the rare sight of green and loggerhead turtles who nest on the island every year.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the culture of Cyprus during your holiday, there are plenty of traditional foods and drinks you can try, lots of opportunities to join in with Cypriot folk dancing and singing, or you can simply plan your holiday around one of the many festivals or carnivals that the locals enjoy every year. The Limassol flower festival, festival of the flood, the Green Monday celebrations or any number of musical and theatrical events will provide an awesome experience of our much beloved country.
So what are you waiting for? Book your holiday in Cyprus now and come and join us for a truly breathtaking and unusual experience!

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