Spa holidays and the benefits of massage

Spa holidays and the benefits of massage

Spa holidays are a time for relaxing and unwinding – but aside from the pampering aspect, there are many physical and emotional benefits of massage that you can gain while enjoying a treatment or two here at the Londa.

The benefits of massage have been widely reported for many years, and even far back into history people believed that gentle, physical manipulation could be beneficial for the body. There is evidence of people using massage from thousands of years ago, and the Chinese in particular are well known for using this type of therapy to treat a wide variety of ailments. So what exactly are the benefits of massage, and what can you hope to gain from this type of treatment during your spa holidays?

A professional massage can benefit many physical conditions

Massage offers fantastic benefits for the muscular and skeletal systems, and can help to increase the recovery time for sports injuries and other damage to the body. Massage can be great for lower back pain and can strengthen and loosen weak or tight muscles. Massage also benefits mobility and can help with joint flexibility and offer relief from spasms and cramps, or tired and sore muscles and joints. Many people who suffer with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, long-term muscular and bone injuries, asthma and migraine feel huge improvement after receiving a treatment.

Emotionally, regular massage can improve conditions such as depression and anxiety and from the beauty perspective it can improve skin conditions too; by promoting the regeneration of tissue it can help to alleviate scarring, stretch marks and dermatological issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Massage helps to increase nutrient intake and oxygen levels around the body, improves circulation and promotes healing from any injury or surgical procedure – with its effects on the lymphatic system greatly adding to these benefits.

Why massage is so important to our well-being

It’s a commonly held belief in medical circles that a huge proportion of disease and ill health is caused by stress. Therefore, anything we can do to reduce our stress levels can improve our overall health and well-being. Not only is the physical manipulation of massage great for reducing stress, but the therapeutic benefits of simply lying back and taking some time to enjoy peace and quiet can be great for our clarity, judgement and offer us a rare stress-free break from the pressures of life.
So whether you’re looking for a treatment to regenerate, stimulate, alleviate or relax, massage has a huge number of benefits for you to enjoy.

When staying with us here at the Londa Beach Hotel, make the most of your spa holiday and book in with our fully trained staff so that you too can enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of massage and the other fantastic treatments that we offer.

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