The best thing about Cyprus? Beach holidays for sure!

The best thing about Cyprus? Beach holidays for sure!

When searching for a gorgeous holiday destination, you should definitely investigate Cyprus. Luxury hotels, a rich cultural tapestry and some of the best weather in the world makes our island a wonderful place for any traveller to visit. Of course we’re biased – but then again, over 2 million tourists a year can’t be wrong!

So, what type of holidays are the most popular here in Cyprus? Beach holidays of course! With weather suitable for coastal fun almost all the year round, our beaches are perfectly equipped for everyone. With around 50 blue flag beaches you’ll know our beaches are safe and clean.

Beach holidays mean lots of water sports

A Cyprus beach holiday also comes with the ubiquitous water sports. The banana boat is a real winner and jet skis are amazing fun too. For those who are just as happy under the waves, our island boasts one of the best dive wrecks in the world, so you can have some scuba adventures with fully qualified instructors – they cater for all abilities and ages.

It would be remiss not to whisper a word of caution though – Cyprus beach holidays can leave you vulnerable to too much sun, so make sure you’ve got the right level of sun protection for your needs. We’d recommend starting with a factor 30 while you adjust to the soaring temperatures. Always make sure you’ve got cover-up clothes, sunglasses and a hat too – and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. An ice cream, beer or cocktail can also be lovely and refreshing, but keep your alcohol consumption moderate in the midday sun!

In Cyprus, luxury hotels welcome travellers from all over the world

Statistics show that around 50% of the travellers who visit Cyprus are from the UK – and who can blame them?! With the British Isles being famous for their wet and grey weather, Cyprus’ luxury hotels make a welcome break from the clouds and the chance to top up that vitamin D. We also find that we welcome many other European tourists, Russians and Americans too – our sunny shores are also frequented by some pretty substantial superstars; Mariah Carey and Peter Andre are big fans!

So whether you’re visiting Cyprus for its luxury hotels or have your heart set on action packed Cyprus beach holidays, you know you’re in good company! So pack your sun cream, grab your wetsuit and dive into a Cypriot dream!

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