Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Londa 2014

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Londa 2014

As we all know there are few New Year’s resolutions that are actually kept, in fact the statistics quote 88% of pledges are broken! So let’s keep this simple with Ten Top achievable resolutions inspired by Londa Hotel.

1. Staying in touch

Keeping contact with friends is so important which is why we have our Londa Facebook page where over 8,000 people join in on conversations, and our weekly Blog gives you the news and reviews from the hotel. Sign up to our community and let’s resolve to stay in touch all year round.

2. Appreciate what we have

It is too easy to ignore our environment when a busy day lays ahead but at Londa we can look at the bright Cyprus sky, the blue Mediterranean Sea, the migrating birds and remember that every day is special.

3. Time to try something new

For those with a culinary penchant, sampling the new 2014 menu at the Caprice is ideal, whereas some see this resolution as an opportunity to get fit, or fitter, and it is possible as the Londa gym next to the Spa is open to all guests, and Limassol Running Club welcomes new members for races and paces of all levels.

4. Eat more healthily

Vassos Michael, head chef at our Caprice restaurant is always looking for ways to incorporate more local Cyprus products into his recipes. For 2014 he is already on the hunt for even more ingredients that bring a fresh healthy taste to everything he creates.

5. Relax a little

As many know the Londa Spa relaxation room is open all day to guests to enjoy the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and plunge pool. One hour here and the cares of life can float away. Or maybe a treatment from the Spa menu will tempt you into the relaxation you deserve. We will help by posting all our special Spa offers throughout the year on our Facebook page and website.

6. Read more books

We can also help you with this resolution by recommending some beautiful books in the Londa lounge; take a look at Kypros by Theodore Deryan and 9,251km², a new photographic sensation of Cyprus by Nikolas Michael and George Pantazis. Our recent Londa guest Penelope Magoulianiti has written Women, Motherhood & Independence – an inspiring book for new mums. We will keep you up dated with our literary guests and maybe you can recommend a book to the Londa community on our Facebook page?

7. Help others

It always feels good to lend a hand and at Londa we champion the amazing work of Funraising, a Limassol charity that aids children who need that little bit of extra help. As events arise in the year we will let you know and perhaps you would like to join us in supporting their cause.

8. Listen to more music

Jazzy brunches and lunches, live piano every weekend and special evening classical recitals; Londa has them all and the lounge is the perfect place to fulfil this musical resolution.

9. Learn something new

Conferences and training sessions go on during the whole year at Londa, so if your company, your network or a group of colleagues want to come together to learn, the Londa has the perfect environment. It’s easy to realise your potential here… fulfilling ambitions and resolutions.

10. Photograph something positive every day

A friend of Londa came up with this idea to photograph something that made her feel positive on a daily basis. We think it’s a fantastic concept and will be sharing our positivity with all our friends to make 2014 the best year yet.

Why not let us know through Facebook if you have any resolutions to add to the list? We’d love to be inspired by your aspirations. Happy New Year!

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