The Caprice Lounge Bar wins the Stoli Award for Original Hotel Bar

What makes a bar an award winning bar?

We are so proud – The Caprice Lounge Bar has just won the Stoli Award for Original Hotel Bar! Our first thanks go to those who recommended us. The Stoli Awards are only achieved through public vote and it seems that the wonderful people of Limassol, of Cyprus and all our overseas visitors love what we have to offer.

On the Stoli website, the strapline declares; ‘The Stoli Original Bar & Club Awards – continuing to set the standard for hospitality venues in Cyprus!’ And that is exactly what we try to do at Londa – give a constant and excellent service.

Why do people come to Caprice Bar?

George Ellinas, Food & Beverage Manager at Londa breaks it down into specific elements, “Foremost it’s the atmosphere. What we have created is stylish but comfortable, luxury with a touch of cosy – it’s this balance that allows everyone to completely relax.”

“We also train our staff to the highest level. But not just at the skills of mixing cocktails or preparing beautiful teas or amazing coffees; each member of the Caprice Bar staff is selected for their friendly personality and trained to give attention to detail and serve our customers with perfection.”

The Stoli Award is for Original Hotel Bar so what makes Caprice Bar original?

Jochen Niemann considers this, “Of course the view of the Mediterranean Sea from the Terrace and Pool areas and the location of the bar is great, but the unique Italianate styling, the furnishings, fireplace and lighting make Caprice one of the most attractive venues in Limassol, if not all of Cyprus.

Add to this the food menu, the drinks list full of Londa’s own cocktail creations and our live music programme – DJ, piano, Jazz – accounting for the tastes of all our visitors is what makes Caprice so special.”

The opening hours for Caprice Bar are from 9am for beverages and desserts, from midday the Bistro menu is available and we finally close at about 1am in the week and 2am at weekends.

Why don’t you make your next outing an Original Stoli Bar experience? We would love to have you!

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