Cyprus Easter traditions at Londa

The Joy of Easter

Most Cypriots are very traditional when it comes to Easter, joining in on the previous month’s fast and enjoying the food that breaks that fast. Head Chef at Londa hotel, Vassos Michael was not only born and bred into this traditional culture, but he now looks forward to cooking Easter recipes to share with his international guests thereby imparting his own culinary tastes of Cyprus.

What’s on the menu?

As you would expect, much of the food surrounding the Orthodox Christian Easter concerns lamb dishes following the Pascal theme. And on Easter Day itself, the barbecues are fired up for souvla or families don their Sunday best and feast together at each other’s homes, at the local tavern or a smart restaurant.
Londa may be a contemporary boutique hotel but we also embrace the culture of our country and with Easter just a week away, Vassos Michael and his team are starting to prepare for this very important celebration.

Easter Orthodox package at Londa

Conveniently for guests, at Londa we have put together a wonderful package of accommodation and meals that indulge all the Easter customs from ‘fasting’ food on Good Friday to the huge Sunday feast at Caprice restaurant.
However, it is after the Midnight Mass on Saturday night, when the fireworks have fallen in sparkles and the children have cracked their eggs and everyone has passed on the candle light to their neighbour, then is the time for friends and family to indulge in Magiritsa; the wonderful soup that fulfils even the most insatiable appetite.

Complete satisfaction

As one of Vassos’ favourite seasonal dishes, he hopes that everyone, whether they are a guest at Londa or cooking for their own family, can enjoy Magiritsa as he and his family have done for decades.
Vassos Michael’s recipe for traditional Easter Magiritsa soup:
(for 10 portions)
1kg lamb liver
2 large onions
1 bunch dill, chopped
Half cup olive oil
3 bunches of green onions, chopped
1 bunch fresh parsley
6 eggs
Juice of 4 lemons
Salt and pepper

We boil the lamb liver in order to obtain the liver stock.
We put the olive oil in the casserole and we shallow fry the chopped onions, the dill and the parsley.
We cut the lamb liver in small pieces after boiling and add in the casserole.
We add the liver stock into the casserole.
We beat the eggs with the lemon juice and we add to the casserole.
We finish the soup with salt and pepper.

Happy Easter from everyone at Londa Hotel!

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