Limassol Marina attracts Londa guests

Limassol Marina is the latest and largest development project in Limassol and this summer it opened to the public. Yet another attraction for guests at Londa Hotel to enjoy whilst you’re on holiday.

Day & night

Situated at the end of the main stretch to Limassol just by the entrance to Castle Square, you can saunter into the elegant streets of Limassol Marina. Sit at any one of the numerous cafes and restaurants, all chosen for their popularity, quality and variety.

The wide paved boulevards and Viennese bridges spanning the water are perfect for a daytime walk. Or at night when the whole place is lit up with authentic street lamps and coloured in blue and red and orange glamour, you can sit by the up-lit fountains in the square and feel the buzz of cosmopolitan life all around.

Architectural mosaic

The buildings are a montage of architectural styles from modernist to traditional, Gothic to Orthodox, mixed into a Mediterranean mosaic that keeps you interested and welcomes you with colour, open spaces and shady retreats. The whole development then encircles the blue still waters of the Marina with its bobbing boats and lofty yachts on view for all fans of sea craft.

Things to do

If you fancy a little retail therapy there are shops to peruse with clothes collections, beauty products, shoes and eyewear. Of course, if you have exhausted the Londa Spa menu, then a spa and fitness centre can complement the Londa therapies. And if you enjoy all that the city and the Marina have to offer, you can view a selection of residences and berthing piers, and maybe make Limassol your home.

A day out or a glimpse of your future…who knows, but you are guaranteed a wonderful experience at Limassol Marina.

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