Shisha now at the Londa

It’s summer, and for guests who are looking forward to visiting Londa, the hotel has invited a shisha expert to add that extra touch of relaxation to weekend evenings at the Pool Bar.

Shisha with a difference

It’s the exotic nature of shisha, the eastern promise in every puff and the social comfort of sharing that invites old hands, and beginners, to the hookah. But in true Londa style, the new ‘Kalyan’ shisha service is contemporary and just that little bit different.
Served after 4pm at the Pool Bar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the Kalyan appears as a sculptured modern glass vessel filled with water, ice and floating fruit pieces, and with a choice of ‘fruit cup’ on the top. You can choose from an apple, a pineapple or melon, cut in half and filled with tobacco flavoured with delicate tastes such as Cherry, Blueberry, Apple, Peach and Strawberry. The hot coals are placed on top and then the smoking begins. The immersed fruit and tobacco cup and ice all combine to produce the fresh, cool and flavourful smoke that Kalyan is famed for; a real treat for these hot summer days!

Hookah history

You may ask – when did we all become so familiar with the hookah ritual? Well, here’s a little history. Originally from India, the hookah evolved into today’s form when glass was exported to India in the 15th Century and the shisha glass base was created. Iran then adopted it using strong tobacco called Ajami then the Ottomans made it a status symbol with sultans even having portraits done with their narghile and smoking it at royal dinners and diplomatic meetings. Now it is loved by the masses in most countries round the world and called by many names: water pipe, nargeela/nargile/narghile/nargileh, argeela/arghileh, shisha/sheesha, okka, kalyan, or ghelyoon or ghalyan or Kalyan.

How to Hookah

If you are a beginner, here are few tips on how to get the best from your hookah. Firstly, this is nothing like smoking a cigarette or cigar as the tar and chemicals from the tobacco are filtered out through the water and the smoke is cooled by the ice. The Kalyan server will prepare the tobacco, the hot coals and the pipes. So give a few puffs through the pipe to start the water bubbling. Don’t take hard pulls to accelerate the heating process as you’ll just end up burning the tobacco. Take your time while you smoke. A good hookah can last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Draw and inhale then breathe out, slowly and easily to gain the full fruit flavour and then, just relax – you are with friends, you are sitting overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and life doesn’t get much better at Londa.

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