Are you ready for these hotel gimmicks?

You go to a luxury hotel for the relaxation, the five-star service, beautiful rooms and wonderful food – but – would you also want the gimmicks that are being offered in some hotels round the world?

Google Glass

First up is Google Glass – the glasses with the interactive ‘smart’ phone display – worn by concierges at the Montcalm Marble Arch, London to “offer guests advice on local restaurants, shops, travel plans, attractions and activities, or simply to give directions” whilst still maintaining eye contact with their guests. At Londa we tend to answer all questions by showing you information – maybe a map or an article – or through our staff imparting their extensive local knowledge – would you feel difference if they had Google Glass? It’s an interesting concept!
At Calle Nevera in Spain, they have gone a little further and, with a unique art collection in the hotel, guests themselves wear Google Glass to view a tour of the artworks – a more practical utilisation of today’s technology but maybe you too would like this to browse the wonderful sites and museums round Limassol with Glass – or is it better just to sightsee without the ‘Smart’ involved?

The world’s first Twitter hotel

Staying on the subject of tech, the world’s first Twitter hotel has opened on the Magaluf Beach of Majorca. At Sol Wave House, they advertise ‘a virtual community called #SocialWave that guests can use to share pictures and flirt’. Of course, the clientele are already in the party mode and by logging into a unique Sol Wave App through Twitter, they can share pictures, meet each other’s avatars and send viral kisses. At the same time, Aloft Hotels, has introduced the services of A.L.O. the hotel brand’s first Botlr (robotic butler), to perform front and back of house duties, room service and delivery.
We can assure Londa guests, who are looking for sophisticated charm and relaxation – this will not be ‘coming soon to a hotel near you’!

Themed rooms – with a twist

In Macau they are going mad for gimmick rooms that may offer enough fun to take away the bad taste of losing at Macau’s casino tables. At The Ponte 16 casino-resort, the new rage is the Michael Jackson-themed chamber escape game rooms where you have to fight through riddles and maybe zombies; the Banyan Tree Macau has situated individual spas right next to the beds; Galaxy Macau’s has built a 52,000m2 fake beach with 1.5m high waves pounding its sand; The Okura’s Yamazato restaurant offers a tea ceremony room made entirely from washi paper, and last but not least for children, family suites are decorated with “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Madagascar.”

Now call us old-fashioned but at Londa we like to offer our Italian styling without zombies and our menu without Shrek burgers and our Spa without wet sheets and real sand on our Mediterranean beach, but we would be interested to hear your opinion on the hotel gimmick mania – perhaps there is something you have seen on your travels that you believe guests at Londa would appreciate?
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