Join us for Carnival in Limassol!

Londa Limassol Carnival

One of the most-loved festivals in Cyprus is the Limassol Carnival

The Carnival lasts for 2 weeks, from 14 – 26 February. This tradition of celebration marks the time before Lent, when fasting begins prior to Easter. The end of Carnival is Ash Monday.

Over 20 events will be held in this time, organised by Limassol Municipality and other cultural centres and groups.

The culmination is the Carnival Parade, which will take place on Sunday, February 26th on Makariou Avenue, about 6 km from the Londa Hotel. The Parade is an all-day affair that includes floats, dancing, singing and other events.

Fun Facts:
CNN called the Limassol Carnival the coolest carnival outside Rio.
Carnival lasts for 2 weeks, from 14–26 February
The parade lasts 6-7 hours and will feature 50 floats and over 100 groups.
This year, Catholic and Orthodox Easter fall on the same day: April 16th.

View the complete Carnival Schedule here.

Enjoy the Carnival at The Londa Hotel.