Enjoy the Limassol Flower Festival on your Cyprus holiday

Limassol Flower Festival

Enjoy the Lemesos Anthestiria (Limassol Flower Festival) on your Cyprus holiday

Every year during May, Limassol plays host to a beautiful, traditional flower festival. What could be better on your Cyprus holiday than to complement the amazing Cyprus weather with an array of colour and fragrance? The flower festival has its roots in ancient Greece, when 4-yearly banquets were organised in Athens to pay respects to Dionysus, the God of theatre and parties; these festivals were also used to honour plants and flowers (Anthestiria is actually derived from the Greek word for flower, ‘Athos’) and celebrate the rebirth of man and nature with the imminent approach of spring. Nowadays, the celebrations remain similar in theme, with flowers being the symbolism of this fresh season of new growth.
This year’s flower festival will start at 7 o’clock on the evening of Saturday 14th of May; the Limassol District Officer will perform the official opening at the Potamos tis Germasogeias Parking Place, followed by performances of traditional song and dance by local schoolchildren and the Germasogeias (Yermasoyia) Municipal Choir. The following day sees a speciality flower market and exhibition (at the same location) which runs from 10 o’clock in the morning until 11 o’clock at night. If you’re taking your holidays in Cyprus to coincide with this event, you won’t be disappointed – as well as the incredible sight of such a wide variety of well-tended flowers, there are also traditional Cypriot crafts on display and plenty of activities for children to enjoy, such as a play area and clay modelling and painting workshops. You can immerse yourself in Cypriot culture, mingling with local families and sampling extraordinary local food.

Attend the flower procession and call in at the multi award-winning Londa Beach Hotel

The main event of the 2 day Anthestiria is the flower parade which takes place on the Sunday; it will make for a most magical memory of your Cyprus holiday, where you can feast your eyes on the chariots and floats which are heavily decorated with colourful flowers and accompanied by locals dressed in bright costumes. The procession includes the carrying of posies of fresh flowers which are generously handed out to the watching crowds.

If you’re on your holidays in Cyprus for the duration of the flower festival, it’s definitely worth getting involved in the procession. There’s something really quite exhilarating about being surrounded by such a feeling of energy and enjoyment – the scent and vivid colours of the flowers creates a very romantic sight and makes you really appreciate the wonder of nature. If you follow the procession, you will notice it passes directly in front of the Londa Beach Hotel; this is one of Cyprus’s best hotels, having won the accolade of the leading Mediterranean boutique hotel for 2 consecutive years. Take the opportunity to call in and have a bite to eat or drink in their famous Caprice Restaurant – it’s a popular spot with locals as well as tourists and once you’ve visited, you’ll understand why!
There are many reasons to take your holidays in Cyprus; the amazing Cyprus weather is a huge draw for many tourists, but colourful traditions such as this wonderful flower festival and the vast choice of fabulous beach-side Cyprus hotels makes holidays in Cyprus a top choice for both couples and families. So if you plan your holiday in Cyprus during May, you will be able to enjoy all of the above!
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