Take Your R and R at Londa Spa Hotel Cyprus

Rest and Recuperation (R and R)

For Rest and Recuperation (R and R) Cyprus Is Simply Perfect

If ever there was an ideal destination for R and R, Cyprus is definitely it. What better place to recover from the trauma of an operation than this beautiful, peaceful island? Surrounded by the soothing Mediterranean waters and bathed in sunshine nearly every day of the year, your R and R at our spa hotel in Cyprus will give you everything you need to heal your body, mind and soul.

The award winning Londa Beach Hotel is one of the best spa hotels Cyprus has to offer, with 5 star facilities and the inimitable warmth and calmness of our Cypriot staff. If you’re in need of some R and R, we can offer you a huge range of treatments and therapies that will aid the healing process and help you to feel as good as new. By joining us for your rest and recuperation period, you will benefit from a relaxing atmosphere, beaches that go on forever and the incredible scenery offered by the nearby Troodos Mountains – unique experiences that you will only ever get from a luxury spa hotel in Cyprus!

Luxury Treatments From The Londa Spa Hotel, Cyprus

You can take advantage of our spa hotel in Cyprus any time during your stay; our aim is to provide a holistic and balanced environment to complement your R and R and we welcome anybody who needs a helping hand from our fully trained staff.

Choose from a variety of massages, facials, exfoliating treatments and body wraps to assist your rest and recuperation in Cyprus. We can help to uplift you, detoxify you, calm you, hydrate you, reenergise you and restore you. From the luxurious ambience of our spa hotel, Cyprus will seep into your soul and heal you from within too!

When you’ve started to feel the benefits of your R and R, you can even visit our spa for a makeover or a manicure, before heading out for a delicious fine dining feast at our Caprice Restaurant.

The Londa Beach Hotel has many other wonderful features and facilities to make your time of rest and recuperation a Cyprus dream. So come along and put your feet up by the pool, lie back in the jacuzzi or simply spend your R and R resting in your ultra comfortable boutique hotel room.

Once you’ve spent your R and R in our beautiful luxury spa hotel, Cyprus will always hold a special place in your heart.

Book Your R And R At Our Luxury Spa Hotel, Cyprus

Our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our luxury spa or 5 star hotel. You can also browse our website for further information about our facilities.

If you’re in need of some rest and recuperation, contact us now to book your R and R at our spa hotel in Cyprus.

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