Holiday Destinations Favoured By A-list Stars

Holiday Destinations of the Stars – Cyprus

The Londa Beach Hotel is pleased to see another favourable mention on the Fox News website recently – the article talks about how Cyprus has raised its stakes in the list of top holiday destinations, especially for celebrities. The author remembers back to the late 90s when she used to visit Cyprus on holiday yet nobody else seemed to know where it was! Cyprus, thankfully, is no longer a secret and features as one of the favourite holiday destinations for many Hollywood A-listers and international superstars.

There are many reasons that Cyprus is one of the favourite holiday destinations for both regular tourists and well-known celebrities – sunshine across the whole of the year, the famous Cypriot hospitality and the wealth of history and culture that comes hand in hand with the island are all great reasons to put Cyprus at the top of your list for must-visit holiday destinations.

Limassol – A Beautiful Cyprus Town

Limassol gets a special mention as a favourite hangout for celebrities and our very own spa hotel is described as a ‘trendy boutique hotel’ with ‘ the best spa on the island’ and we’re also complimented on our delicious breakfast buffet. Our fantastic Caprice Restaurant also gets a name drop, but as the article rightly suggests, when exploring holiday destinations it’s always worth looking for local, traditional eateries that will give you the chance to sample your holiday destination’s best cuisine – here in Cyprus you simply must try a meze, where you can sample a huge number of traditional dishes all in one meal time. There are plenty of great little tavernas close to the Londa Beach Hotel that will allow you to try this dining delight.

Book Your Holiday in one of the Stars Favourite Holiday Destinations

So if you’re looking for holiday destinations fit for the stars, then come and visit us in Cyprus where you will be among the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John, Michael Douglas and even Britain’s Prince Harry! We’ve had plenty of well-known celebrities, famous politicians and Greek superstars spend a night or two at our luxury beachside hotel, so why not take a look at the amazing facilities on offer in our Cyprus hotel -one of this holiday destination’s finest, as substantiated by the many awards that we have won.

Learn more about Limassol, one of the most vibrant towns in Cyprus, one of the favourite holiday destinations of the rich and famous! If you would like to book a luxurious holiday in Cyprus, contact us via the link now.

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