Enjoy Elemis products on your spa holidays

Enjoy Elemis products on your spa holidays

Spa holidays at the Londa Beach Hotel are made for pampering and relaxation, and one of the most important elements of the treatments we offer is the quality of the products that we choose to ensure that our spa users receive the ultimate in care. We’re delighted to join an elite network of spas throughout the world that are able to offer Elemis brand products. As one of the most popular spa brands available, we think it’s probably fair to say that 6 1/2 million users every year can’t be wrong!

Elemis products are an incredible combination of natural active ingredients and pioneering technology, providing incredible anti-ageing properties and dynamic skin treatments for people of all ages and walks of life. With science and nature working in harmony, Elemis’ natural active formulas work to deliver maximum therapeutic activity, getting deep into your skin and delivering some of the most amazing and visible results of any spa treatment on the market today.

The Londa Beach Hotel – helping you to feel wonderful

Every Elemis product has been carefully developed to address specific conditions, in order to treat the body with targeted active components that will help you feel and look simply wonderful.

During your spa holidays at the Londa Beach Hotel, you can receive a bespoke treatment program using these incredible and innovative spa treatments; the Elemis brand’s philosophy is to treat every client as an individual, and as such, recognises that everybody’s needs are different. By assessing your skin, body and lifestyle, our highly trained and professional therapists will deliver a unique therapy that has been tailored just for you.

Elemis products have been carefully developed with your skin in mind

Elemis avoid any animal derived collagen, synthetic colours or perfumes, alcohol, silicones, GM ingredients and excessive levels of synthetic detergent and preservatives, to give you the most natural and effective products possible.
Instead, the team at Elemis utilise the wonderful properties of organic extracts, pure essential oils, natural emulsifiers, skin softening emollients, and active natural bases to help create the most beneficial treatments possible.
Here at the Londa Beach Hotel, we ensure that you only get the very best – because that’s exactly what you deserve. We are proud to have been chosen by Elemis to represent their fantastic range of products and treatments, and we know that your skin will love them as much as we do! So why not come and enjoy one of our spa holidays, and give your body, mind and soul a real treat?

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