Tips for Organising a Conference

Tips for organising a conference

Here at the Londa Beach Hotel we offer a wide range of modern conference facilities to help you organise a fantastic event. However, a great conference is about much more than just the facilities, so here are our top tips to help you organise a killer conference.

Killer conferences – top 10 tips

Our top tips for organising a conference are:
1. Planning – if you want your conference to be successful you need to ensure that you plan well. Every detail from start to finish should be given special attention so that there’s no room for failure. If you don’t have time to give your conference the planning attention required, hire a professional events management team to help.

2. A clear objective – decide what you want the main objective of the event to be. Is it to promote a specific service or product, offer information or to provide training relating to your sector? You can’t plan the right content until you’ve made this crucial decision.

3. Time is of the essence – timing is crucial to the success of your conference; keep each slot to a reasonable length to save boring your audience, while also ensuring that your contributors have enough time to share the information that they want.

4. Keep it interesting – use all of the tools at your disposal to ensure an engaging presentation that has plenty to keep your audience captivated. If your conference venue has the facilities available, use slideshows, PowerPoint, video clips or anything else that will help to back up your verbal presentation and give your audience something to look at.

5. Mix it up – a conference made up entirely of presentations can soon become stale and boring. Offer some different sections; expert panels, Q&A sessions, open discussion forums and quizzes are all great ideas for keeping the content fresh and interesting.

6. Speakers – choose confident and enthusiastic speakers that know their subject area well. Make sure you check their content before they present if possible.

7. Refreshments – make sure you lay on good quality food and drink. Don’t underestimate delegates’ appetites and under cater, or you’ll look mean – which certainly isn’t the impression you want to give.

8. Literature – don’t forget the accompanying literature. A well designed programme to guide attendees through the proceedings is vital, as is offering an attendees list and other relevant documentation to provide information and promotional opportunities.

9. Presenting presentations – have someone to act as a compère; all speakers should be given a proper introduction and warm welcome.

10. Enjoy it! Don’t get so wrapped up in the logistics and planning that you forget to enjoy your moment. Seize the wonderful opportunity you’ve created to build new business relationships and make new contacts. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and make sure your presence is noted by all.

Conferences in Cyprus

If you’re looking for a wonderful array of accommodation and conferences facilities for your delegates, try our luxury hotel. Cyprus could be the ideal location for your event, so feel free to contact us for more details about the services we offer.

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