Fine fare to be found in Cyprus restaurants

Fine fare to be found in Cyprus restaurants

Holidays are a time for relaxing and having your every need catered for – and with many high quality Cyprus restaurants to choose from, you can enjoy a break from the kitchen with the added pleasure of not having to do the washing up after you’ve eaten! Cyprus restaurants offer a real taste of the Mediterranean, with local cuisine being heavily influenced by the flavours of Greece – but you’ll also find that Limassol is jam-packed with many international options too, giving you plenty of choice for your lunchtime and evening meals.

If you want to embrace the local culture, the ubiquitous dining experience in most Cyprus restaurants is the all-popular meze, a generous selection of perhaps 20 or 30 dishes which gives you the wonderful opportunity to sample a wide range of Cypriot delicacies in one sitting. Great value for money and the best way to ensure that everyone in your party will find something that they like, the sharing of a meze is a truly social affair, and perfect when accompanied by some of the locally produced wines that the region is famous for.

The sensational Cypriot meze

Your friendly hosts in your chosen Cyprus restaurant will start you off with a selection of tasty dips, such as hummus, taramosalata and talattouri, which you can mop up with pitta or some of the traditional Cypriot breads. While you’re tucking into these, more dishes will start to be brought out; expect an array of salads, olives, potatoes and pickled cauliflower, stuffed vine leaves, meatballs, Cypriot sausage and plenty of vegetables. For many first timers, they think this is the final flourish, but then eyes widen as even more plates of mouth watering foods arrive. Pork, cheeses, a wide choice of seafood and fish, kebabs, moussaka, chicken, lamb and Cypriot stew join the table and everyone starts to realise why it’s so important to pace yourself when eating a meze! The gourmet extravaganza is topped off with plenty of fresh or candied fruit, and usually the loosening of belts onto the next notch!

Alternatives to the Cypriot meze

While a meze is a fantastic way to dine, you will probably want to try other things during your holiday too, in which case, there are plenty of fine dining Cyprus restaurants here in Limassol for you to enjoy. Boutique hotels are ideal if you’re looking for a luxurious night out with great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings – in fact, our very own Caprice Restaurant here at the Londa Beach Hotel is one of the very best of Cyprus restaurants, offering gourmet Italian dining with incredible sea views – so why not book in when you fancy a break from the traditional Cypriot style of eating?

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