Choosing a conference facility in Cyprus

Choosing a venue for your conference

With so many top quality, luxury hotels in Cyprus offering conference facilities for your use, it can be hard to know where to start when trying to decide on the best venue for your company’s needs. Therefore, we’ve provided a brief guide to choosing a venue for your conference or business meeting – we hope that it proves to be of help.

Tips for selecting a conference venue

Location, location, location – You could choose the most beautiful venue in the world, but it’s no good if people can’t get there! You need to make sure that your venue is easy for your guests to reach, whether by road, train or plane. You also want to make sure that the venue is in a safe area with access to other activities if required and has enough accommodation to cater for your delegates too.

Image is everything – Think about your company’s brand; does your venue emulate the right kind of vibe and look to support your corporate image? Also consider the people who will be in attendance – will the venue be to their liking? You also need to think about how the staff at your chosen venue will support your event; will they help you to create a good impression with your delegates, or will they be uninvolved and unhelpful if somebody requires assistance?

Conference facilities – However good the venue looks, you need to make sure that they can lay on the correct facilities for your requirements. Do they offer free Internet connection and perhaps the support of a secretary to help with organising and running the event? Do they have up-to-date conference facilities and equipment such as dedicated meeting rooms and overhead projectors? Can you photocopy documents and arrange A/V equipment if needed, or are their conference facilities out of touch and out of time?

Comfort and refreshment – As well as the usual conference facilities, does your potential venue also have the ability to cater adequately for your attendees? Can they offer a food menu that is suitable for everyone and regular refreshments if needed? Do they have air conditioning to make sure everybody is comfortable and parking facilities for those who have arrived by car? Is the accommodation to a good standard and do their conference and meeting rooms allow for a change in layout to make sure everyone can see what’s happening?

Cost and availability – Getting the right venue is essential but you also need to make sure it fits in with your budget and is available on your chosen dates. Find out how far ahead you’d need to book and see if there’s any flexibility for rearranging dates or accommodation if necessary. Make sure that you get a clear breakdown of all your costs; do they offer any discounts, is accommodation given at a reduced rate to delegates? Do the conference facilities all come included in the pricing structure and what options are there for catering costs?

Try the Londa for quality conference facilities in Limassol, Cyprus

Finding the right annual conference facilities doesn’t need to be hard work as long as you consider all of the above points. As one of the leading luxury hotels in Cyprus, here at the Londa we can provide all of the above to help your company create a fantastic impression on your guests. If you would like to discuss our conference facilities, please free feel free to get in touch.

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