Activities on your Cyprus Holidays – Scuba Diving in Limassol

Activities on Your Cyprus Holidays – Scuba Diving in Limassol

Cyprus’ location in the eastern Mediterranean and its typically Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters makes it an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts and beginners alike.
Cyprus provides one of the longest dive seasons in the Med and with water temperatures ranging from 18⁰C (64⁰F) in January to 27⁰C (81⁰F) in July, although a drysuit may be necessary during November through to March, a thin wetsuit would likely be suitable for the majority of the year.
Cyprus is a great place to learn to dive, offering basic sites as well as the more adventurous tunnels, caves and wrecks. The area boasts great visibility of 20 – 35m plus nearly all year round, making it easy to view the abundance of antiquities that make Mediterranean diving unique, although be aware that the sensitivity of such remains means just that, strictly look but do not touch!

Dive Sites in the Limassol Area

Indigenous life flourishes among rocky shorelines and outcrops all around this strikingly beautiful island, providing an ideal home for an array of sea life, including octopus, crustaceans and various species of fish. Precious green and loggerhead turtles are also regular visitors, especially in breeding season.
For those of you joining us here in Limassol for your holidays, there are a number of interesting dive sites around the area, suitable for beginners through to advance divers.
- Copper Wreck is a British Man O’ War with a copper-bottomed hull that sank on the reef of the western tip of the Akrotiri peninsula. Although not much trace of the original wreck can be seen, you can find regular bolts of copper and brass and nails embedded in pieces of the hull. You’ll also find caves and arches as well as various species of fish.
- Pharses II Wreck, at less than 1000 tonnes this open deck twin-hatched cargo ship lies on its starboard side. This ship went down not far from Limassol harbour during a storm in 1980. It lies practically intact some 21 metres underwater. There is an abundance of marine life to be found here and it is even possible to enter the ship but only under strict supervision.
- Akrotiri Fish Reserve offers a fascinating opportunity to interact with the local marine life. A very shallow dive suitable for all divers, at some 9 metres. You can hand feed groupers, moray eels, bream and bass and admire the octopus.
Other dive sites in the Limassol area include:
- The Three Stars ship, a vessel that ran aground after catching fire in 1972
- Big Country, a great multi level site with many caves, overhangs and large boulders
- M.V. Habe Wreck, a 1000 tonne barge semi-submerged against Limassol harbour wall
- Various coves, rocks, caverns, caves, archways and pinnacles too
- Often used for advanced course wreck and night dives is the M/Y Diana, a 50’ Russian owned yacht which foundered and settled upright on the seabed back in 1996. If underwater photography is your thing then this is the site for you, boasting many large squid and shoals of fish.
- Of course, there is one wreck that the really serious divers visit Cyprus to explore and that’s the Zenobia; a large roll-on-roll-off ferry that sank approximately half a mile from Larnaca during its maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria.
Reputed to be one of the best wreck dives in the world it is well worth the visit and only a relatively short journey from Limassol, taking roughly forty five minutes by car. Indeed Limassol is the ideal location for your diving holiday, positioned approximately half way between Paphos and Larnaca, allowing ample opportunity to experience the variety of dive sites across the island.

Relax in luxurious surroundings after a long day of exploration

As the 2012 Leading Boutique Hotel in Cyprus, you’ll find no better place than the Londa to relax after your day of underwater adventures. On your return, simply indulge yourself in the sheer luxury of your surroundings and feast on the delectable delights on offer in our Caprice Restaurant and Bar, the perfect opportunity to rebuild your energy levels in anticipation of your next day of adventures exploring our beautiful island!

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