Successful Conference Organising

Successful Conference Organising

The Londa hotel is perfect for your Cyprus holidays, especially if being surrounded by sumptuous, luxurious surroundings and being pampered to your heart’s content is your idea of heaven. But we’re not here only for rest, relaxation and pamper packages.
The Londa is also the ultimate venue for meetings, conferences and seminars. Needless to say, Cyprus itself provides the ideal location, boasting fabulous weather virtually year round and beautiful, breathtaking scenery. Combine that with a quality hotel like the Londa, offering excellent accommodation and a comprehensive range of fantastic conference facilities and you really are set to impress. Your colleagues will be in awe of your conference organising skills!

To help you along the way we have extended our top tips for unforgettable events:

There is absolutely no doubt that all successful conference meetings and events stem from thorough organisation and planning. So top of the list for hosting a successful event, no matter how small or large is to have a meticulously detailed plan in place. Plan, plan and plan…
You should always begin by defining your target audience, your aims and your objectives. This will give you an initial rough idea of your required budget so that you can then look to identify sources of income and a tip for estimating number expectations for your conference is to look at any previous conferences and events that you or your company has organised in the past.

Guest Speakers

Next on your list should be your keynote speakers and other individuals. These should always be relevant and of interest to your prospective attendees. And don’t forget to account for guest travel and accommodation needs in your budget. Also, bear in mind that your chosen speaker’s availability may dictate the date or dates of your event, so be prepared to be flexible wherever possible.

Deciding on a Venue

When determining where to hold your conference meeting or event there are a few things to consider. For example, exactly where, in your local area or further afield, overseas perhaps for that added impact? Are you looking for suitability for just a day meeting or event or are you looking at full residential requirements?
Catering requirements are another extremely important consideration and if accommodation is a factor, how many and what type of rooms need to be made available? By far your best option is to create a shortlist of suitable venues and to visit them wherever possible to do so. Obviously it may not always be possible to visit an overseas venue but be sure to check reviews and testimonials and maybe even ask for contact details of previous companies who have made use of their facilities in the past. Once you have decided on the perfect venue be sure to book and confirm as soon as possible to ensure you get your first choice.

Making an Impact

Two key moments most likely to stick in the minds of those attending your event are the all important opening and closing. These two aspects should be considered extremely carefully. Ask yourself what impressions and key messages you want people to take away with them.
You should encourage points of interaction throughout the event, which will add variety to the day rather than delegates having to sit through presentation after presentation. Think carefully about timings and be sure to put together a concise running order so that your venue, your speakers and of course you, know what is happening when and who is responsible and don’t forget to include those all important contact details in case they are needed on the day.

All work and no play

Of course the best conferences and events incorporate a combination of work and play. Down time is really important to boost energy levels and retain interest. This is a chance for your delegates to mingle, relax and take part in any team building activities that might also be on the agenda.
And where better than this glorious Mediterranean island to indulge in the sunshine, great food and the many activities available. What’s more our home town of Limassol is the perfect central location, less than an hour’s drive from other major towns on the island. There’s so much to do and see, that is of course if you can bring yourself to be separated from the comfort and luxury of our hotel!
If you have been tasked with planning a conference or event and Cyprus just happens to be on your shortlist of locations, or you are visiting or are based in Cyprus and are looking for the perfect place to hold a meeting please do get in touch. Take advantage of the conference facilities here at the Londa and we’ll ensure you have everything you need to make your event a memorable one.

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