Explore outside your Cyprus hotels

Cyprus holidays — an education

Cyprus holidays can really open up your eyes to history, and the dedicated staff in premium quality Cyprus hotels will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, to the most educational and enjoyable attractions on the island — and our staff here at the Londa Beach Hotel are no exception.

Cyprus holidays can be a true educational experience if you wish, and if you’re staying at our Cyprus hotel, feel free to ask for the best places to visit. Our beautiful island has attracted visitors from all over the world for as far back as records show, and evidence of their presence can be seen all across the island. If you want to add another dimension to your Cyprus holidays by stepping away from your Cyprus hotel’s comfort and luxuries, then why not explore some of Limassol’s fabulous museums?

More to explore outside your Cyprus hotels

As you step out from your Cyprus hotels, head towards the 14th century Limassol Castle, situated near to the old port. Here you will find the Limassol Medieval Museum — a popular tourist spot with a fabulous collection of antiquities covering a vast period of history, from 400-1870 A.D. Among the displays you’ll see suits of armour, paintings, statues, cannons and wood carvings, giving you a glimpse into our island’s rich cultural history. You can also visit the rooftop, from where you’ll get an unbelievable view of the whole city — the perfect opportunity to take some great photographs to remind you of your Cyprus holidays.

Another museum that is well worth a visit is the Folk Art Museum — not far from our Cyprus hotel’s front door. You can cover the best part of the walk by strolling along the sea front, and once you arrive, you’ll be able to witness the art, culture and traditions of the Cypriot people throughout history. Covering six rooms in a refurbished traditional house, the 500 or so exhibits cover items such as traditional dress, hand crafts such as embroidery, household tools and much more. If you want to get a real taste of the local culture during your Cyprus holidays, then put this on your itinerary.

The Archaeological Museum is one of the most popular attractions for tourists taking their Cyprus holidays. If you’ve chosen one of the Cyprus hotels close to the public gardens, then you’re mere moments away from this fabulous holiday highlight. A place of exploration, adventure and education, you can see archaeological discoveries dating from the Neolithic age, right up to the Roman period. This vibrant and exciting museum has so many different exhibitions and examples of archaeology that it’s impossible to even start listing them! Suffice to say that it’s well worth tourists leaving their Cyprus hotels for an afternoon to visit this fantastic cultural centre.

Quality assured

Of course, another great selling point when it comes to Cyprus holidays is the high quality that you’ll find in Cyprus hotels. Our award winning coastal boutique hotel offers all of the finest comforts and luxuries that you would expect from any of the premium Cyprus hotels available – so book your Cyprus holidays at the Londa Beach Hotel, for a getaway that you’ll never forget.

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