Cyprus Restaurants, a Gourmet Delight

Your holidays in Cyprus are destined to be a gourmet delight!

Although holidays in Cyprus promise many things, the one thing that every tourist will have in common is the adventure and exploration of the most delicious food. Dining is a hugely important part of the Cypriot culture; central to festivals and celebrations and a time where families gather and share the news of their day. While you can experience many different international cuisines in Cyprus restaurants, local dishes are still an inherent part of the dining culture.

Cypriot food is essentially Mediterranean in its influence, but you will also find a little something from Turkey, Greece and Persian countries mixed in with it too. Although meat is always popular on the menus in Cyprus restaurants, vegetarians and pescetarians needn’t worry; there are many traditional vegetable dishes that will always be available, fresh fish is abundant and even vegans will have enough choice to keep them happy – there are always plenty of salads to tuck into and bean-based casseroles too.

Cyprus restaurants are completely family-friendly

While venturing to the various restaurants and tavernas during your holidays in Cyprus, expect to come across the tastes of coriander, cumin, rosemary, parsley, mint and pepper — all of which are popular ingredients and flavourings in the Cypriot diet.

If you’ve travelled to Greece before, you probably came across stuffed vine leaves — and these are also popular in our country too. Meatballs made of pork or lamb are another dish that you’ll probably be familiar with, and barbecued meat and kebabs are also common, as are soups and stews — which is great news if you’re travelling with younger children who may be reluctant to try anything too different. In fact, roast dinners are popular in Cyprus, so if you’re missing your usual Sunday roasts just find one of the Cyprus restaurants that offer this delightful dish!

Don’t forget our very own Cyprus restaurant here at the Londa!

When you’re not quite hungry enough for a full blown meal but you fancy a little snack, you can enjoy some pita bread, carrot, cucumber or celery sticks dipped in to some of the most well-known Cypriot dips, such as taramasalata (or tarama), hummous and tzatziki (a combination of yoghurt, cucumber and garlic). Again, for children who have enjoyed a grown-up part y or two at home, these will be a healthy and familiar choice; don’t forget to treat them to an ice cream too though!

If you’re joining us here at the Londa Beach Hotel for your holidays in Cyprus, don’t just explore the Cyprus restaurants in and around Limassol — make sure you dine in our wonderful onsite restaurant, The Caprice, too! We offer some incredible Italian-style dishes, fresh and tasty salads and a range of vegetarian food and fresh fish dishes. Wherever you choose to dine, the food on our beautiful island will add another, special experience to your holidays in Cyprus.

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