A touch of the traditional on your Cyprus holidays

A touch of the traditional on your Cyprus holidays

Depending on your interests, the time of year you travel and who you’re travelling with, everybody has a different idea about what they want from their holiday. Cyprus, boasting the longest summer of any European destination, is often visited for its fantastic climate and 325 days or so of sunshine every year. However, Cyprus holidays needn’t just be about suntans and sizzling seaside temperatures — if you’re looking for a different kind of experience, there are plenty of ways to join in with the locals and try a more traditionally Cypriot stay.

Explore the real Cyprus – holiday heaven can be found on the farm

As holidays have evolved, there are more ecotourism and agro-tourism experiences that you can enjoy in the more rural areas of the island. By using the Londa Beach Hotel in Limassol as a base, you can travel to the more peaceful and traditional areas to get a taste of real Cypriot life.

Because of the warm climate, Cyprus offers the perfect conditions for farmers to produce wonderful quality crops and livestock to help feed the island’s natives and visitors, and even to sell on overseas to help support the local economy. You can join in with these farming activities by organising an orange or olive picking session on one of the local farms. You’ll be able to keep some of the spoils of your labour, and it will give you the opportunity to see how the farmers work day to day.

If you’re a dairy fan, you could visit a goat farm and have a go at making Halloumi cheese. This tasty treat is hugely popular across the whole world and is particularly delicious when grilled and served with a fresh crisp salad, or barbecued on meat or vegetable kebab skewers.

Local fisherman in Limassol can keep you ‘reel’ busy!

If you like to sail the seven seas, you could even see if you can organise a trip out with some local fisherman. By choosing Limassol for your holiday, Cyprus’ seafaring folk are right on your doorstep, so you can grab the chance to take in the cooling sea breeze while helping your new friends to reel in the catch of the day.

Cyprus holidays wouldn’t be complete without a tantalising tipple or two, and you can mix this favourite social past time with a traditional experience by visiting one of the many wineries on the island. You’ll be given a guided tour around the vineyards and production centre, rounded off with a fantastic wine tasting session and a chance to purchase some bottles to take home as gifts — or for yourself if you prefer!

Of course Limassol is full of traditional tavernas too, so you should make sure that you take yourself along to join in with some good old Cypriot entertainment — singing and dancing is a popular part of the culture and you’ll be sure to have a good laugh and make lots of new friends.
Cyprus holidays are more than just beaches and bars – so why not venture into the great unknown and discover a new type of holiday? Cyprus and its people will be happy to show you the true delights of this Mediterranean paradise.

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