Limassol — a stunning city with a big heart

Limassol — a stunning city with a big heart

Of course we’re always happy to sing Limassol’s praises, but there’s always a side to any city that is hard to appreciate unless you live there or visit often. When you first arrive in the city, whether by boat, plane or train, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just another sprawling urban landscape with little to offer amid the chaos. However, once on street level and exploring by foot, you’ll soon chance upon many surprising and beautiful aspects of Limassol. Look past the modern shopping centres and designer boutiques and you’ll discover sheltered pedestrianised streets in the old mediaeval quarter of the city, mosques and churches sat side by side in multi-cultural harmony and chic, luxury hotels with amenities open to the public.

Urban delights

When you visit Limassol you’ll find yourself right in the heart of the Cypriot wine industry, and tourists and locals alike are welcome to visit the vineyards and try a taste of these home grown flavours. In fact, while visiting the more rural areas just outside of the main city, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back to a more simple time, due to it being a place where locals shun gas guzzling cars in favour of the traditional donkey.

When looking towards the city from one of the many beaches, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the city is heavily populated — but with only 200,000 or so residents, it’s actually rather compact and bijou. Many of the buildings you’ll see are there specifically for the many visitors that we welcome into the country every year, with something for any budget, from smaller hostels to grand luxury hotels much like ours!

Limassol is a city that enjoys a holiday vibe throughout the year. With warm temperatures and plenty of sun, you can enjoy a coffee in the great outdoors or an evening stroll along the coastline from early in the year right up until nearly Christmas time. In fact, we find that many visitors who have travelled from colder climes venture outdoors with just a jumper for protection even in the height of winter!

A safe holiday haven

One thing that people often find surprising about Limassol is the fact that although it’s heavily geared towards tourists, there are none of the hassles and moneymaking scams that are so rife in other destinations. The Cypriot people are far too friendly and warm natured to engage in these nefarious activities; instead you’ll find them to be genuinely open and friendly, and there’s also the added bonus that anyone in the hospitality sector generally speaks good English — which is great news for those who feel uncomfortable trying out the mother tongue.
That said however, as you would anywhere else, it still makes sense to keep an eye on bags and other personal items that could potentially be snatched; the biggest dangers you’ll really face though are the busy roads and scorching sun — so you’re more likely to need a good supply of sun cream for protection than a local police officer!

Limassol is truly a delightful place to live, work and visit. Whatever your reason for being here you’ll always be sure of a wonderful time in a welcoming atmosphere — and whether you’re a guest in our luxury hotel or not, our staff will always be happy to serve you a drink or a bite to eat during your Limassol adventures.

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