Explore the Troodos Mountains during your stay in Limassol

Explore the Troodos Mountains during your stay in Limassol

One of the big attractions of staying in Limassol has to be a trip to the magnificent Troodos Mountains. Many of our guests who have chosen an adventure in Cyprus for their annual holiday want to investigate the mountains as a day trip or even a mini-break during their stay. An adventure into the more rural part of the island provides a sometimes welcome escape from the busy cities and popular beaches — along with the opportunity to cool down in the refreshing mountain air!

While relaxing in the lap of luxury that our hotel offers is a fantastic treat, if you want to experience the more rugged aspect of the area, you can get the bus directly from Limassol to Troodos Square. There’s a fantastic choice of resorts if you want to stay for a night or two so that you can really make the most of what the mountains and the National Park can offer.

Troodos attractions and facts

The highest point of the range is Mount Olympus — not to be confused with the mountain of the same name in Greece, which is reputed to have been the home of the gods. For those visiting from Limassol, the most accessible part of the region brings you to charming village communities and beautifully scented pine forests, where you can take a nature trail, hire a mountain bike or simply relax and sample some of the home grown wine.

If you’re a lover of architecture, there are plenty of beautiful Byzantine monasteries and churches to be found here too. Built within the peaks and valleys of the area, these locations were chosen for the security they offered as opposed to the coastline which was under threat of invasion. The mountain range is famous around the world for its incredible geological features, and was born from the collision between the tectonic plates of Africa and Europe, pushing the range up from beneath the sea and creating the incredible island that we now call home.

The Troodos climate

Temperatures vary quite considerably depending on the time of year and the part of the mountain range that you visit; in the summer, temperatures can still reach in the high 20s while in colder months you can grab a snowboard or pair of skis and take the fast route down the snowy peaks! The air is thinner the higher up you go, making even the hotter months much more tolerable than the fiery temperatures down on the beaches.

Wherever you venture into the mountains you will always be greeted by spectacular scenery and views. If you want to experience something completely different from the luxury of our boutique hotel, you can even pitch a tent and camp out under the stars. When you wander back down to your comfy room at the Londa Beach Hotel, we’ll have a hot cup of coffee and a gastro meal ready to recharge your batteries!

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