Limassol Wine Festival, Londa Hotel in August

Wine and Dine at Limassol Wine Festival… Whilst Staying at The Londa Of Course!

Need an excuse to re-visit your favourite Cyprus hotel? What better reason than the wine tasting experience of a lifetime, right here in Limassol. Held every year in August/September time the Limassol Wine Festival is an immensely important and hugely significant cultural event. You’re invited to taste the superb Cyprus wines produced by the larger wine co-operatives as well as many smaller independent producers on the island. A chance to sample what can only be described as truly delicious Cypriot delights!

Cyprus -The Motherland of Vine and Wine

Having been producing wine for over four thousand years, the cultivation of the vine on the island of Cyprus is as ancient as the roots of its people. There are many reasons for the excellence of Cyprus wines and not least of course, the hospitable environment, the climate and suitable soil, all of which are perceived as nothing less than a gift of nature.
The first wine making industry in Limassol and Cyprus was the winery of Christ Haggipavlu, known as the ETKO winery which was established in 1844 and also holds the distinction of being the first to introduce brandy making to Cyprus. A popular Cyprus wine and one that is basically made in the same way as it used to be made many centuries ago, is Commandaria, named after the region of Limassol from which it originated. Also located in Limassol are Krasohoria and Pitsilla, two well known vine areas, recognised for their production of quality table wines.

Limassol – The Town of Merriment and Joy

Limassol Wine Festival is an annual event in celebration of the island’s rich viticulture, organised for the first time in 1961 and regarded as a revival of ancient festive manifestations of worship in honour of the god of vine and wine himself Dionysus and the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite. During these ancient feasts man worshipped the gods but above all else, he thoroughly enjoyed himself!
Taking place in Limassol Municipal Gardens situated on the East side of the town near the sea, and only a short distance from the Londa Hotel, more than 15,000 tourists are welcomed to what is regarded as one of Cyprus’ largest and most colourful events of the year. At the entrance to the gardens stands a spectacular statue about 7 metres high of a winemaker, resplendent in traditional vrakas, holding a jug of wine bearing the motto of the festival ‘drink wine for a life of ease’.
Such is the Cypriot hospitality that you are not only invited to sample the delicious Cypriot food and wine but also, one of the main attractions is the opportunity to actually experience ‘treading the grapes’ whilst dancing to traditional Cypriot music.

Limassol Wine Festival and the Londa Hotel – What a Combination!

Limassol town really is a wonderful place to spend your Cyprus holidays and the wine festival is only one of the many joyous celebrations taking place throughout the year on the island. Furthermore, you’ll find luxuriously impressive accommodation, sure to exceed your expectations — we are talking about our very own Londa Hotel of course! Join us at the end of August and enjoy an evening of wine tasting and indeed even ‘wine making’, accompanied by delicious traditional Cyprus dishes and mezes, returning to the luxury of one of our elegantly designed, sea view rooms and suites to relax and reflect upon the evening’s activities in style.
As they say in Cyprus — Stin iyia Mas… to your good health!
See you at the Londa!

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