It’s time for the Limassol Marathon

Londa Staff catch the running bug

It’s March and it’s time for the Limassol Marathon!
The running bug has hit Cyprus and with Londa Hotel’s profile of healthy food and healthy lifestyle, it seems only fitting that they should have a team running on Limassol Marathon GSO day, 16th March.
OK, they won’t be entering the marathon itself but the Corporate Race of 5km gives the team of 10 a chance to get out and wave the Londa flag.

This is what three of the team have to say:
Maria Nathaniel, Caprice Bar waitress, “We are training with the Limassol Running Club every Tuesday and Thursday, mostly along the beach. I did the 5km Race last year but I really want to beat my time and see how fast I can go.”
Petros Petrou, Londa receptionist, “I have always been into sports but over the years I have got out of shape. This is a great opportunity to get fit again and my aim is to do the 5km in under 22 minutes.”
Yianna Dimitropoulou, Caprice Restaurant hostess, “I see all the healthy food we serve at Caprice and this is my way of being healthy as well.”
Running with 7 others, the team agree unanimously that they are proud to represent Londa.

And Londa is proud of them!

The hotel have had special running shirts printed and General Manager, Jochen Niemann will be on the side-lines not only cheering his staff but also his own 2 small sons who are doing the 1km.

“Running with the waves”

Michael Rivers, organiser of Limassol Running Club, has had great fun training with the Londa Team and is now looking forward to the Limassol races, “All the runs are beside the sea – it’s one of the very few places in the world where even the marathon follows a coastal route. The 5km runners go from Molos towards the Londa, turn around and come back. In preparation we have built the Londa team up slowly to a comfortable pace and many are doing far more than the 5km needed. We make a great team, socialising and motivating each other to run faster and get fitter.”

Race tips

Michael adds, “Top tips for running, especially in the weeks before the race are often related to diet: Cutting down on dairy, meat and sugar will really help.”
Maria concludes, “I hope to continue running and instead of being a temporary guest, I will join Limassol Running Club.”
…And who knows where that will lead; maybe we will see Maria in the Marathon soon!

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