‘Come as who you’ll be in 2020′ Party

The future is here!

Many of us have heard of the ‘5-year plan’, some of us live by it, but now is our chance to actually transport ourselves to 2020 and visualise who, what and where we will be in 5 to 6 years by joining other time travellers at the Londa Hotel for the ‘Come as who you’ll be in 2020 Party’.

The ticket to changing your life

Inspired by the ideas of Dinner Club hostess Mary Anglberger and High Performance Coach Arthur Magoulianiti, this is a party that will need preparation and deep thought. We are promised it will be fun, it will be uplifting, it will be exciting, but most importantly it will be a challenge for us to project our lives, our successes and our wishes into reality – by living the dream.

For one night only?

The ‘Come as who you’ll be in 2020 Party’ is not meant to be an event for one evening but a night to remember and to change lives. As Mary and Arthur say, “The preparation for the party will encourage you to think carefully about your goals and the evening’s activities will help cement your vision of who you are becoming. The positive emotions of the party will stay with you and continue to encourage you in the achievement of your goals.”

So get dressed for the occasion of your future because the red carpet and paparazzi await those who want to look the part.

Londa hosting your success

This is a new and unique event in Cyprus and choosing the Londa as the venue adds that touch of glamour and luxury where many want to be seen – from VIP suites to the Mediterranean beach location, from gourmet cuisine to five star service – only the best is good enough for your future!

And where does the Londa see itself in 5 years? We hope that we will be giving our guests the consistent service that we are famed for.

The details

‘Come as who you’ll be in 2020 Party’ is on 17 May at Londa Hotel and tickets are 35 euros bookable through social media here where details and preparation guidelines are also available.
Tickets include a sparkling wine welcome reception, exquisite canapés by Londa’s Caprice restaurant, an open bar, guidance throughout the evening and 2 complimentary coaching sessions by High Performance Coach Arthur Magoulianiti on April 29th and May 12th before the event.
Why wait? Live your life now.

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