Londa Hotel in Limassol in bloom

Aristotle wrote, »Nature creates nothing without a purpose,” and in the flowers of Cyprus, so decadent in May, we see nature in all its glory. Hence the Londa Hotel is celebrating with the Limassol community, the May Flower Exhibition, this year planned for May 10th and 11th at Germasogeia Municipal Parking (Potamos).

Summer Cyprus flowers

May is the traditional month for flowers in Cyprus; the ground is still damp from the spring rains and the sun stimulates growth. The beauty of this flora is celebrated every year by the local Germasogeia community who bring flowers to a stunning exhibition for everyone to enjoy. Meanwhile at the Londa, our Head Housekeeper, Chrystalla Paniotou is treating guests to floral touches at the Caprice Lounge, the Bar, reception desk, Caprice Restaurant and our VIP Suites.

The art of nature

Aristotle also said, «In part, art completes what nature cannot elaborate; and in part it imitates nature,” which is a saying that springs to mind when we see the results of Chrystalla’s arrangements. She does not follow a pattern though she has attended arranging courses, but instead she, “puts in the first flower and the arrangement grows naturally according the height and size of the blooms.”

Top tips for flowers

Chrystalla has become a bit of a specialist in flowers and from speaking to her we find out that showing flowers is more complicated than just putting them in a vase. She says, “The water has to be right temperature; Chrysanthemums need cold water and each time you change the water, cut an inch of stem off the bottom, the same with Gladioli to help them ‘hatch’. However, popping Gerbera and Anthurium stems in 2-3cm of hot water for a few seconds before placing them in the cold water vase, will help longer life.”
Other top tips from Chrystalla are to put half a Panadol and half a teaspoon of sugar in water for Roses, sugar and vinegar for Delphiniums, and due to Amaryllis stems being hollow, you can put a small wooden dowel through them to make these lilies stand tall and proud.
Tulips, Irises, Freesias and Birds of Paradise all play their parts in the arrangements at Londa and as Chrystalla points out, “When mixed with sculptural leaves, we get a fantastic contemporary look; Cactus works well as do Lily leaves. However we are careful not to show flowers with strong aromas, for example choosing normal Lilies over the oriental.”

All the flowers of all the tomorrows

There is a beautiful Indian proverb that says: «All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.» So we invite you to enjoy our flowers at Londa today, tomorrow and all year round and we hope to see you at the wonderful Flower Exhibition at Potamos Germasogeia to relish our stunning Cyprus flora.

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