The evolution of an art @ Londa Beach Hotel

The Limassol Carnival is history. It gave everyone an opportunity to create and live as a different persona for a few sweet hours, drinking and dancing. Dancing is not only an integral part of the Carnival celebration but one of the most ancient expressions of mankind. It evolved into an art that takes long and demanding practice to be mastered. So is hospitality. Receiving foreigners and taking care of them in exchange for their stories is an ancient tradition in Cyprus. It evolved into a thriving industry with great investments in human resources and know-how. The Londa Beach Hotel is a proud part of this evolution.

Concept and implementation

A dance company starts a production by conceiving a main idea and progresses into stretching it through motion to give it life and create for their audience the feeling that they are part of a creative process. The Londa was conceived to be a boutique hotel, and the team synchronizes its efforts and performance to create the feeling that the facility is dedicated to each guest individually. It takes a lot of dedication for a hotel to come to this level of service as it takes a lot of effort and dedication for dancers to reach the pinnacle of their art.

A platform for further evolution

The Londa evolves by measuring its performance and trying to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the experiences it creates for its guests. Creating ahead of the curve experiences is a challenge for dance performers and festivals like the ‘Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform’ are a step to that direction. During the festival modern dance ensembles premiere original performances with the best one being chosen to represent Cyprus to the European Contemporary Dance Festival. This exciting competition takes place at the Rialto Theatre from the 18th to the 20th of March and we are sure it will inspire you like it inspires us to pursue our efforts with great passion and dedication.