Plunge into a world of rejuvenation @ the Londa Beach Hotel

The coming weekend in Cyprus emerges from the sea like goddess Aphrodite, and people’s minds will be overflowing with the glorious beauty of the summer holidays. It’s a long weekend when people travel out of town and plunge deep into the liveliness of the summer and island traditions. Beaches across this beautiful island burst with people with an appetite for sun, sea and sand. This long weekend, followed by the Holy Spirit Monday, is the perfect time to be in Limassol- more precisely, the Londa Beach Hotel!

The Holy Spirit long weekend is also known as Kataklismos (Κατακλυσμός), which means ‘flood’, and although it is deeply associated with the Greek Orthodox religion, it originates back to the ancient times. In ancient times, Cypriots worshipped goddess Aphrodite and her lover Adonis with music, poems and games but most importantly by diving into the water to cleanse their body, mind and soul. Throughout the years, these celebrations have taken on a holier meaning, and Cypriots nowadays celebrate the Holy Spirit that floods and cleanses the soul of man.

Holiday rejuvenation

Undeniably, the body needs more than just water for cleansing and rejuvenation. It needs pampering and a tat of luxury. Similarly, the soul needs the splendor of sunsets by the beach while listening to the sounds of the waves, dishes that tantalise the senses and appetizing cocktails. In a nutshell, your soul needs a holiday stay at the Londa Beach Hotel!

Refresh the very essence of YOU

During your stay at the Londa Beach Hotel, take the time to rejuvenate at our Spa. Every bit of ‘you’ can enjoy deep relaxation with a fusion of treatments which awaken heavenly joy and revive your inner north star. After all, there is only one ‘you’ which needs to be endowed with an inner and outer glow.