An equilibrium of excitement and relaxation @ the Londa Beach Hotel

Sometimes we stumble upon life-altering experiences. From an exuberant wall graffiti to an ethereal set of piano notes, these experiences have a distinguished sense of spiritual clarity. It’s as if we are the recipients of a divine intervention, where the definition of self, the infinity of the universe and the meaning of life reveal themselves right before our eyes! Leaving us curious for what we’ve yet to live and discover. Simultaneously enfolding our very existence with a warm feeling of humbleness. This is what the Londa Beach Hotel aims to offer to every single one of its guests.

When you first lay your eyes upon the Londa Beach Hotel you realise that this is no ordinary hotel. The building itself, embraced by the countless hues of blue, is testament that this is a holiday experience for the sophisticated, the cosmopolitan, the cultured and the trendy. You then step inside and allow the ambience guide your gaze to the sea up until the end of the horizon. Right about this time, is when your holiday- or even a life-altering experience- begins.

Heartbeats start racing each other, the admiration transcends to fascination and the reality becomes irrelevant! You sense an equilibrium of your physical and spiritual worlds reflected at the Londa Beach Hotel‘s soul: flowing in the hallways, euphorically ascending from the Mediterranean views and so generously unravelling itself in the joyous flavours of the Caprice Bar & Restaurant dishes. Of course, everyone interprets these magnificent experiences at the Londa Beach Hotel differently but this is a masterful, expressive gesture in itself! Just like a pianist interprets and expresses a symphony in a very unique and bespoke way.

The interpretation of art and the deep blue sea

Artful results are always perceived differently. The way we view life and each moment is a very personal affair. Dance Frosso Hadjigeorgiou with its spectacular performance, Colours, on Sunday the 27th of November at the Rialto Theatre, urge us to be receptive to colours, aromas, intrigue, imagination, lights, unique sceneries and beautiful music. In an effort to fill our lives with new experiences. To let them emerge from all places, even from the deep blue sea. This is also the title of yet another National Theatre play, transmitted live at Rialto. The Deep Blue Sea is a devastating masterpiece of Terence Rattigan. Helen McCrory is playing Hester Collyer, one of the greatest roles in contemporary drama, who is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide.