Piano music round the fire at Londa

When you visit Londa on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, the sweet melodies of piano music create the perfect acoustic backdrop for total relaxation.
Performing on the wonderful Kawai grand piano in the Londa Lobby is Evi, a lady of talent and taste. Trained in Cyprus and coming from Limassol, Evi has spent every winter season as our Londa resident pianist for the last eight years. She delights in the music of smooth easy chill-out that guests at Londa can sit back and listen to, and though a classical pianist, she understands the enjoyment that people get from tranquil music.

Tea time at Londa

So it’s 4.30pm on a weekend, the iconic fire in the lounge is lit and groups of friends and family are nestled on the couches and sofas – then the music starts, a soft tinkle of ivories and melodies that people from all over the world will recognise; from Italy come tunes such as Caruso, maybe the Spanish Historia de un amor or a rendition of Only Time – all are in Evi’s repertoire and as she says, “chosen to allow people to relax, or chat among themselves or simply settle back into the music.”
We also need to mention one of the most delightful elements of this time – the famous Londa Afternoon Tea – pots of tea or coffee and cakes, pastries and sweet delicacies served to your seat and enjoyed alongside the music.

Full of flavour

The flavour of tunes both past and present keeps people coming back. Evi expresses her passion for music through piano, guitar and classical singing and at Londa we know that guests return every weekend to listen. She says, “When I play I am in my own world, and people see me float away on a melody. Doing what I love as a job; this is the ultimate delight in life.” Evi also plays at parties at the Londa, she performs at charity events and teaches vocals and piano; so if you would like to listen to Evi at your special celebration, then come along to Londa from 4 to 6.30 on a weekend afternoon for a prelude and a stunning introduction to Londa and to Evi.