Londa up for another World Travel Award

Londa Beach Hotel is up for another World Travel Award

All respectable industries organize awards ceremonies to recognize excellence and upraise stellar performances. The film industry has the Oscars, the music industry has the Grammies and the tourist industry has the World Travel Awards. One might ask what has the tourist business to do with the mega million dollar entertainment business. Fair question. Take a minute to think about it. Tourism is a business that provides enjoyment and is largely a conveyor of culture just as much as music and film. It has one great difference though. Tourism and travel touch people on a much more personal level. The people who are responsible for that enjoyment cater to each one of their guests and have the serious responsibility to make the moments spent in the hotel facility that employs them with the utmost care. Guests are the true stars of the tourist business. At least that is our opinion and deep belief here at Londa Beach Hotel.
There must be some truth to it. This belief has dictated the way we operate the Londa Beach Hotel and we must be doing something right. This has earned us nominations for a World Travel Awards – the ‘Oscars of the Travel Industry’ – in several distinguished categories for several years in a row. World Travel Awards was founded in 1993 to recognise, acknowledge and reward excellence in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry worldwide. Now celebrating its 22nd anniversary, World Travel Awards™ is recognised globally as the hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.

Your vote makes the difference

Here comes the other difference of these prestigious accolades. The guests and visitors, the ones who really experience the results of the vast effort of the teams operating the hotels, get to decide who deserves to be awarded and who does not. If you think that we do meet with your expectations, if you believe that your experience here at the Londa Beach Hotel is enjoyable and deserves the label of excellence these awards grant to their winners, we urge you to vote for us here. You have a very good reason to do so. Each award we might receive is a reminder that our guests expect more of what we do best. So we must try harder to make each and every one of you feel like the star of this very demanding industry.
Thank you all in advance.