Life is a beach @ Londa Beach Hotel

The phrase “pristine beaches” is common, even stereotypical. It describes the beaches that look unspoiled, remaining in a pure state, unaffected by human action. As travelers we are definitely seduced by the images of white sands, crystal clear waters and the sun lighting up everything making it look bright and eternal. But we must admit that what looks magic to everyone does not easily impress Cypriots. You see the “pristine beaches” are the common denominator on this island. Some of these beaches are sandy and go on for miles. They feel like velvet under the toes and inspire endless walks by the waves. Others are rocky and spectacular and inspire a meditative mood or call for adventure. No one would be disappointed by the beaches in Cyprus.
Obviously the beaches in Cyprus have an aura that captivates travelers since the ancient times. This is why they made up the myth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, emerging from the sea of this island. What greater award could be bestowed on a place, other than being the birthplace of the most enchanting goddess?

The modern awards

Today, the myth of Aphrodite lives on, translated to a modern token; that of the ‘blue flag’. The blue flag is an award that denotes that a beach is an excellent swimming spot, because it meets exceedingly high standards in water quality, safety, services and environmental management criteria. The Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) has certified 57 beaches in Cyprus with this blue flag. The islands beaches are declared the cleanest in Europe for a 10 consecutive years. Now you understand why the Cypriots are not easily impressed.
But please, take the ‘safety’ and ‘services’ clauses into account. They are not depicted in the dreamy pictures of immaculate sand and water but they are the guarantee that you can enjoy what you see in the pictures without a care in the world. So visit us at the Londa Beach Hotel to experience the service and the safety that guarantee your fun and relaxation.