Cultural Tourism @ Londa Beach Hotel

We would like to share our excitement and enthusiasm about a new award recently bestowed to our home city, Limassol. Limassol was one of the three cities that earned the distinction of ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’. This was a contest organised by the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN), for all tourism destinations Europe-wide. The theme for the 2015 award called for ‘Industrial Heritage Tourism’ and winners were recognised as ‘examples of excellence’ aiming to inspire and stimulate other European tourism destinations.

Re–thinking spaces

The Limassol Tourism Board has worked in collaboration with the Lanitis Carob Mill for the ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ Project. Used in the 1800’s as a warehouse, it was converted into a carob mill in the 1920’s. In the period between the two world wars, carobs were exported to the UK, Germany, Russia, France and Egypt. Until the 1940s, carobs were the most important crop on the island and were known as ‘the black gold of Cyprus.’ Carobs were widely used as animal feed while their seeds were popular in the industries of photographic film manufacture as well as pharmaceuticals. The historical space gained a whole new identity when it was redeveloped by Carob Mill Restaurants Ltd. Nowadays, it features restaurants, ballrooms, the carob museum and a cultural centre, which hosts international exhibitions, corporate social events and conferences.

Re–shaping Limassol

The Lanitis Carob Mill project is situated in Limassol’s old city centre, where a beautiful new urban narrative emerges. With the Medieval Castle at its core, the revamped mill blends naturally into a stunning setting that is worth a visit. With Londa Beach Hotel as your starting point to this historical route, you will undoubtedly enjoy a cultural journey that goes beyond tourism. Top hospitality coupled with the delights of culture is what turns a tourist into a traveler.