Making the most of everything @ Londa

One of the most rewarding experiences as hospitality providers is seeing social and human connection developing on the grounds of the Londa Beach Hotel. We firmly believe that life gets better through shared experiences, so we are committed to enabling these. So we host various events and creating new, beneficial experiences for our guests and visitors.

Managing Finances

One of these experiences was a workshop by British Chartered Financial Planner Cynthia Casey. Cynthia presented ten ways to ‘make our money work harder’, i.e. setting financial goals, improving our financial position and plan better for the future. As the modern way of living presents us with new fiscal challenges, Ms Casey’s workshop provided us with a good guide on how to face them. Ms Casey is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society UK – the highest qualification available. The workshop was attached to a good cause. It was hosted by the CIWOT (Cypriot International Women of Today) and all proceeds will be donated to the children charity “One Dream One Wish / Ένα Όνειρο μια Ευχή”. See more highlights of the event here

Health and awareness

This is slightly off topic, but we should take a moment to remember that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many famous monuments around the world are lighted pink, to raise awareness on this important issue. In Limassol there is a more intimate event related to this issue. Moon Dance Studios hosts a photo exhibition titled “Take 10 of 20” and its aim is to draw people’s attention to one of the most concerning issues of our time – the place and role of the women in the modern world.