As you like it @ Londa Beach Hotel

Fall is already upon us. It is typically a time of introspection. Most of us feel the need to cozy up and leisurely enjoy drinks or comfort food with friends and loved ones. But some of us lead different lives. We travel on business. Our life is on the go… from airport to airport and from hotel to hotel. The Londa Beach Hotel is one of those places, where travelers come and go… “they have their exits and their entrances”. We cannot become a home for those people. But, we do our best to offer a luxurious experience of hospitality only a ‘Small Luxury Hotel’ can; with top service and personal attention that render your travel experience rich and fulfilling.

The best of both worlds

“And one man in his time plays many parts”. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our operations here at Londa Beach Hotel. Receiving guests who travel, on business or pleasure, we must always be ready to cater to all and create a pleasant and memorable stay.

The Shakespearean theme

The Shakespearean theme of this post is inspired by two performances of plays by ‘the Bard of Avon’ that we will enjoy in Limassol this month. The first is the very much hyped ‘Hamlet’ starring Academy award nominee, Benedict Cumberbatch and the second a modern performance titled “Macbeth in Silence” by the Ludens Ensemble. Shakespeare created two of the most exceptional characters in the history of theatre by writing about fatal hesitation and uncontrollable ambition. The Londa ‘stage’ offers exceptional hospitality by catering to people who savour their time of idleness and those who make the most of their ardor.