Love Limassol @ Londa Beach Hotel

Every new year inescapably comes with resolutions. What to do better? What needs to be changed? What new territory is there to be explored? Limassol is currently trying to integrate its profile as a travel destination, bringing its urban qualities to light. The Londa Beach Hotel is a blend of urban qualities with the ideal resort location and it is definitely worth the visit.

Exploring the sites

This wonderful blend of urban and coastal character is one of Limassol’s most exciting qualities. The Limassol municipality has created a beautiful video to navigate prospective visitors around the city. The video features prominent monuments, such as the Medieval Castle as well as the unexplored parts of the city, the picturesque streets around Saripolou Square, in a tour that starts and ends at the Municipal market. What is truly priceless is seeing the city’s history in full display. History, both as a record of important events and as an evolution that unfolds every day, bit by bit. The seafront area is a monument of that evolution. At Molos Pier the visitors see an older structure that is still very popular among the locals, and on the newly refurbished side they experience a beautiful work of modern urban planning.

Join us…

The Londa Beach Hotel down by King George Avenue is an ideal place to start your exploration. Our staff is always at your disposal, with tips, advice and directions you may need for an enjoyable tour of Limassol and all that it has to offer: museums, monuments, hidden gems that are off the beaten track, and the magical, positive energy that prevails in a city that has a long, turbulent past and an even more exciting, bright future.